MARVEL Future Fight Adds Thor-Inspired Content

MARVEL Future Fight Adds Thor-Inspired Content

Dec 7, 2016

MARVEL Future Fight, from Netmarble Games, is an intersting game with plenty to love: battling, RPG elements and — take a breath here — some of the best heroes the MARVEL universe has to offer.

It’s serious business, and serious fun.

Now, MARVEL Future Fight is getting an update that should leave even the stoic Thor tickled.

The update adds in seven new characters: Odin, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Enchantress, Ulik and Hela. We also here that there are three new uniforms, to be worn by Thor, Sif and Silk.

The Story Missions have gotten new chapters (11 and 12), these pack in new conspiracies and monsters, plus fresh bosses with Asgardian roots. In individual Story Modes, there is a three player co-op opportunity in “World Boss Invasion.”

Netmarble’s marketing chief Seungwon Lee, is happy to keep fans engaged. “We are pleased to introduce iconic Super Heroes, Super Villains and missions from Asgard to MARVEL Future Fight,” he says. “We aim to keep our fans continually entertained with engaging battle content, stunning action, and the adventure accompanying Marvel’s deep roster of characters.”

We enjoyed the game a great deal when we looked at it; it remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the update trailer and art below:


MARVEL Avengers Academy adds Guardians of the Galaxy in limited time event

MARVEL Avengers Academy adds Guardians of the Galaxy in limited time event

Apr 5, 2016

Star-studded teenage angst-filled MARVEL Avengers Academy is adding the renown Guardians of the Galaxy per a limited time event.

After escaping the villainous wrath of Ronan, the Guardians have crash-landed on Earth, directly on the Avengers Academy.

Causing initial confusion on campus, players must investigate the Guardians’ mysterious arrival and unlock a brand new fan-favorite Guardians member each week such as Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon. It will not be long until Ronan and his henchmen arrive on the scene, on a mission to return the Power Gem shards back to Thanos’ possession.

This brand new update also introduces the first phase of an all-new combat feature for MARVEL Avengers Academy, the Avengers students, along with the Guardians, will have to study, brainstorm and harness the skills they have learned in order to defeat the incoming Chitauri foes. In phase one of the combat feature, the combination of Super Heroes in battle is essential, as the approaching enemies will have varying levels of strength. Continue to battle and watch as their combat performances improve with more experience. The upcoming second phase of the combat feature will allow players to show off each character’s special ability through the use of combat perks. With a single tap, players will be able to unleash the Guardians’ special power to face-off against the evil Ronan and his henchmen.

We enjoyed MARVEL Avengers Academy when we checked it out; the game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


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MARVEL Avengers Academy Review

MARVEL Avengers Academy Review

Feb 16, 2016

MARVEL has done great things with its stable of superheroes in recent times, and few have enjoyed the success that the Avengers have had. Movies, games and elsewhere, the Avengers are the group to get with.

With MARVEL Avengers Academy, the streak is looking to be continued.

It’s an expressive game, with lots of color and schematic animations. The artwork does a good job of presenting the game in the unique universe it exists in, and merges the logical with the fantastical quite seamlessly.

To enjoy this game, one will want to suspend one’s supposed knowledge of the Marvel Universe; in this alternate timeline, the heroes are teens, and are recruited by an optimistically eye-patched Nick Fury to collectively hone their skills and get the better of Hydra hoodlums, all the while dealing with teenage issues like “otherlies” and social networking.

It starts off with Tony Stark. Even as a young adult, he clearly has the swagger and lip that make him lovable and exasperating at the same time. He takes the lead, and is tasked with recruiting other students to the unusual school. To do so usually entails doing something as laid out by the game… interesting stuff like, say, showing off or building a facility. When a new character has been brought into the fold, he/she might be used to recruit others. Heroes, buildings and other stuff can (and should) all be improved as the game goes on.


The game flow is controlled by time. Tasks are instantaneously completed, and so getting things accomplish plods on at points. There are special pieces that expedite this, but these need to be managed carefully. It boils down to an interconnected series of quests and challenges that help our heroes to overcome the Hydra crew.

There are some components that feel a bit superfluous, and the actions tend to be repetitious; one might want a bit more action and less complex activity sequences. Still, with a little patience, it is a game that can be enjoyed, probably not as a simple time-waster, but more as an unfolding, semi-involved saga.

MARVEL Avengers Academy Launches on Google Play

MARVEL Avengers Academy Launches on Google Play

Feb 5, 2016

TinyCo and Marvel have a brand spanking new game out called MARVEL Avengers Academy; this one brings the Marvel universe to bear in the manifestation of young adults. It’s a re-imagining of sorts, with the player guiding said characters through an academy.

– Experience your favorite MARVEL Avengers heroes and villains as young adults
– Play as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Loki, Captain America and more!
– Develop their iconic powers at Super Hero academy

– Live true campus life as a MARVEL student
– Go on dates and confront rival cliques
– Navigate the social ups and downs of your characters’ lives

– Create the ultimate Super Hero campus
– Construct dorms, classrooms and labs for your MARVEL Avengers
– Fill your campus with training facilities, sports stadiums and more

– Strengthen your MARVEL Avengers team and upgrade their powers!
– Send them to activities, sporting events, class and training sessions

– Go on exciting missions and battle epic foes
– Interact with other characters from the MARVEL universe
– Participate in events and updates that introduce thrilling new storylines and quests

The game is free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.


MARVEL Future Fight Review

MARVEL Future Fight Review

May 8, 2015

It’s a Marvel world, and I suspect we all just live in it. MARVEL Future Fight might be proof.

MARVEL Future Fight is part attrition beat-em up, part RPG, and all action. The basic concept is to assemble heroes from the expansive stable of MARVEL characters, good and bad, and to use the resultant collective to prevent destruction. More specifically, Nick Fury calls up for help from the future, letting the whole crew know about collapsing dimensions and such. Scary stuff.

The action is pushed through gameplay tutorials, allowing one to pick a control set and to understand the basics of movement and attack. It is broken into missions, and generally starts with a single Marvel persona roaming through the playing environment and taking on groups of enemies of different abilities in a war of life-bars. Finishing missions brings rewards that can be used to unlock new superheroes, or to take advantage of the RPG mechanism by improving characters.

The game sports an original storyline, and players can do the single-player thing or use the Ally system to beat a particularly irksome boss-villain. There are bonuses to be earned, and each are valuable with regards to acquiring content. And yes, real cash can be used to expedite progress in several facets.


I do treasure a good back/accompanying story attached to the game — it must be the writer in me — but I do find the surrounding tale, as dispensed by aforementioned dialogue boxes, a bit busy and almost distracting. I can’t complain too hard, because one can skip through these. The intro tutorial is also somewhat discordant, but relatively short.

In the end, it is a freemium game that manages to avoid — mostly — being too naggy. It is a simple beat em up adventure that didn’t deviate too far from its core elements, and that cuts both ways.

LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes Review

LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes Review

Apr 6, 2015

LEGO has been releasing almost identical action games for the last ten years, and it doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. Although it’s forgivable, since these games are identically enjoyable, as well. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes can be perfectly described as “another LEGO game”, but this time, the players can play as each of a huge number of superheroes and villains, trying to stop Dr. Doom and his rag-tag bunch of potential future world dominators, from becoming just that.

The game is divided into separate levels, which are pretty distinct and rich with enemies, objects, and lots and lots of blocks. The player has to complete the main tasks on the levels, as well as a number of bonus quests, if he wants to unlock the best characters to play with. It’s tempting to call this “grinding”, but the process is pretty fun and enjoyable, so it acts more like replay value. The gameplay itself is a pretty standard brawler. The player can perform various simple combos, activate the hero’s superpowers, move, jump, and even fly around, and switch between the two heroes he has in each mission. It takes a while to figure the controls out, but apart from the weird double-finger swipe required to set a hero flying, they’re pretty comfortable. The graphics in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes are also quite great, and while the background lacks certain crispiness, the game looks pretty damn good.

But side-quests and the ridiculous number of unlockable characters, is what ultimately drives this game. Figuring out all of the Marvel Super Heroes 4level secrets and Easter-eggs, as well as attempting to play a certain way, definitely gives the game the level of variety that is required at its price tag. Speaking of which, I would normally say that five bucks for a mobile game is a bit too much, but I actually think that it’s a fair price for the sheer amount of content and playtime that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes grants.

Overall, I don’t want to say that it’s the best action game ever, since it’s still just another chapter of the endless barrage of LEGO action games, but it definitely contains a whole lot of great gameplay and content, so that all fans of Marvel, or LEGO, were thoroughly entertained.

Disney Movies Anywhere Brings Some Cohesion to Digital Content Ownership

Disney Movies Anywhere Brings Some Cohesion to Digital Content Ownership

Nov 4, 2014

Disney Movies Anywhere has just arrived on Google Play, and is an app that might be worth keeping an eye on.

At first blush, it serves as a digital locker of Disney, Pixar and Marvel content, which is interesting in and of itself. But it does do a bit more.

It allows users with a Disney Movies Anywhere accounts to link said account to Google Play (and/or Apple iTunes, as it so happens) and have access the content from the companion Google Play Movies app, or the Disney Movies Anywhere App. Now, if one connects it to iTunes, it pulls in Disney content purchased there; in other words, it is possible to access content purchased from iTunes on Android devices, and content purchased on Google Play on iOS devices. It’s a centralized clearinghouse of sorts.

It is a small step, but it is arguably the most interesting move to date with regards to cleaning up the current digital movies morass. Now, it reasonably possible to acquire content from one of the world’s largest content creators in either of the top mobile content stores and access it on either of the two leading platforms. Movies can be downloaded to Android devices to be accessed without the need for signal.

It’s a big deal.


Additionally, a Disney Movies Anywhere account (which is interchangeable with an ESPN account, by the way) allows one to collect points from buying Disney content. I was able to redeem a code from a movie purchased several years ago.

Some caveats (I know, I know): it seems as though not all Android devices support streaming from within the Disney app; for these devices, one must download the Google Play Movies & TV app. Also, word is that the service might be USA-centric for now.

All in all though, it is an excellent concept that we hope to see grow. It’s definitely something we’d like to see other content providers look to make similar arrangements happen.

[Source: The Verge]

Gameloft and Marvel Announce Upcoming 3D Web-Runner Game Spider-Man Unlimited

Gameloft and Marvel Announce Upcoming 3D Web-Runner Game Spider-Man Unlimited

Jun 10, 2014

Gameloft has just announced an upcoming collaboration with Marvel in the name of Spider-Man: Unlimited. The game will be a 3D web-runner based on the iconic comic character.

The game promises to have all off the Spider-Man basics framed in New York, with the Formidable Sinister Six serving as main villains. According to the press release, different Spider-Man incarnations will also make appearances, and fans can play around with 23 of them. Other villains also show up.

Both Gameloft and Marvel are clearly excited about the group effort. “Gameloft is once again honored to be working with the timeless super-hero universes created by Marvel” says Karine Kaiser, Gaeloft’s VP Marketing & Licensing. “With Spider-Man Unlimited, players can expect a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics through an incredible narrative runner experience.”

“Gameloft has done a great job of creating a true to character Spider-Man experience for mobile gamers,” says Javon Frazier, Marvel VP of Games Marketing. “Fans of all ages will enjoy the endless action of running, swinging and fighting through villains across New York City.”

Spider-Man: Unlimited is due out on multiple platforms in the Fall of 2014.

New Screenshots and Trailer for Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are Available

New Screenshots and Trailer for Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are Available

Apr 15, 2014


As The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from Gameloft is reaching release, more information becomes available about return of the masked superhero on mobiles. The story and gameplay will closely follow the movie as the player will get to swing around New York, beat bad guys and participate in other crime-fighting actions. Mor details can be found here:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Apr 1, 2014

Movie companion apps are almost always a good idea, and Gameloft provides us with another one in Captain America: TWS.

The game starts off with an urban backdrop, with a good deal of mayhem reflected in the visuals. The 3D graphics are intricately done, with high rise buildings seemingly getting just as much design attention as character shadows and road surface markings. The Captain looks heroic as ever, even from the top down perspective that the game is rendered in. The colors that are used to highlight health and good versus evil are bright and hard to miss.

The gameplay itself is a combat thriller with fantastic beat ’em up elements; The Captain and his crew do cap1S.H.I.E.L.D’s bidding. There are plenty of henchmen to dispatch, which Cap does physically with his hands, feet and shield. The attacks are automatic as soon as our hero gets within arms length of the baddies, and when enough damage is inflicted, the bad guy is vanquished. It goes both ways though, Cap and his crew have a set amount of damage they can sustain, too; Cap’s life bar is in the top left. Fortunately, there are health packs that help assuage a bit of damage. Movement is achieved via joystick or simply touching the screen you want Cap to move to. There are special powers, and Cap’s shield is a weapon in and of itself, and can be flung by swiping.

An interesting part of the game is the aforementioned crew. Success opens up more spots, and some are quite useful. The sniper, for instance, is able to take out the enemy from a distance, thereby neutralizing danger before it gets close. There are familiar bosses too, multiplayer functionality and upgradable equipment.

All in all, it’s a decent game, free to play, albeit for only two levels; to go on, one needs to unlock the game for $2.99.

Presenting A New TCG From Marvel, X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Presenting A New TCG From Marvel, X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Mar 24, 2014

X-Men Battle of the Atom 4

It’s a new card game from Marvel, inspired by an epic cross-temporal event, happening as the X-Men series reach a 50-year anniversary. The players improve their heroes in single-player missions, and can battle it out between each other in the multiplayer. There’s a lot of new heroes, and the old ones have changed quite a lot. The game is available for free from here: X-Men: Battle of the Atom on Google Play.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Coming To Android This April

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Coming To Android This April

Mar 17, 2014


Spidey is returning this spring to fight crime and speak one-liners in the new Spider-Man game for Android from Gameloft. He looks better than before and judging by the trailer, the game will be an exciting title. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be available this April. Here’s a Facebook page: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Facebook.