Master of Craft Review

Master of Craft Review

Aug 8, 2014

Master of Craft looks to be an engaging game that merges key gaming genres in a tidy package.

At its core, it’s all about simulating an economy of crafting. Off the bat, the busy animation of the game easily draws one in, with bright colors and vivid landscapes. If the developer’s goal is to please people that are iffy about the game at the start, it is mostly successful. The rustic vibe combines well with the whimsical representations, and the overall visual feel is that it is playful and serious at the same time.

Our main protagonist is a youngster looking to master the art of creating delightful objects of destruction. As in most crafting games, raw materials are a huge portion of the game, and to excel, one has to guide this apprentice to an enviable career.

The game elements are well-intertwined and mostly logical. It starts off small; out champion has limited resources that can be used to create relatively simplistic weapons that must be sold to pull in some money. As the game progresses, and a bigger war-chest is achieved, better objects can be produced and more money procured. In this, the trade system mimics real world economics. Patience and hard work are related. Further on, interacting with adventurers (characters that can accumulate advanced materials that are used to make more diverse weapons) becomes necessary.mc1

One unique part of the trade scenarios is the ability to set prices. Again, the developer does a decent job of making it feel sensible by allowing players compare and set prices. his affects gameplay in a host of ways. Also, the progression of weapons and the indirect fighting to pick up ingredients is a nice diversion. these can be affected by specials. Ingredients can be mixed and matched, and equipping armies makes a cameo.

If there were a game that induces in-app purchases, it’s this one; at some junctures, monotony makes the included ability of expediting via real cash mighty attractive. Still, for an engaging, logical simulation game, one really can’t go wrong with Master of Craft.