Introducing Digit Drop — a Game Anyone Can Play

Introducing Digit Drop — a Game Anyone Can Play

Feb 26, 2017

A new game from Nabhan Maswood caught our eye… here ‘s to Digit Drop.

It looks like a math-based game, and the developer says anyone can play it.

Per Google Play:

Digit Drop is a game about adding.

Simply add up digits to the given number above the board, and then BAM…Digit Drop.

The more digits you use in a Digit Drop the higher you score.

All digits get saved to your Digit Vault to be used in buying Power Ups!

This puzzle game is unlike any number game you played before. The faster you add the higher your overall score will be. Think it’s too hard to beat the clock? Try out Endless mode.

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 12 – Math Games

Jan 11, 2013

Math is hard for a lot of people. Try remembering the multiplication tables after being out of school for a few years, it’s near impossible for most people. To keep those sorts of things fresh in the old grey matter, the knowledge needs to be used somewhat frequently. This week we will be talking about some different games to help learn and retain some of those math skills.

Math Maniac

Addition is one of the most basic methods learned to solve a math problem. Math Maniac give a number and its up to the player to find as many number combinations to add up to the given number. Any combination with the correct answer will work as long as they are entered within the allotted time. In this version of Math Maniac , each time a game is started, it starts from level 1. To restart at a previously reached level, an upgrade needs to be purchased.

Download Math Maniac

Math Attack

For a little more advanced players, Math Attack is a game combining several methods to solve math problems. For example, the problem may consist of multiplication and addition or division and addition. To answer, choose from one of the multiple choices shown. Complete the problem in the allotted time to move forward. Progress and statistics are kept. This way it’s easy t see if there is an increase in time or ability.

Download Math Attack

Math Workout

Just like a muscle, working out the mind keeps it fit and trim. Test different skills ranging from simple to taking Online World Challenge. This is a times competition to see how fast one can complete 50 basic math problems. The idea of Math Workout is to use it daily. This should help increase the ability to do basic mental math. Something most people need a little work with.

Download Math Workout

Math Practice Flash Cards

While this one isn’t as much of a game as others, using flashcards can really help with memorizing and problem solving. Create different sets of problems and answer them with either multiple choice or using the number pad. Math Practice Flash Cards works on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division only. If desires, the multiple attempts to answer the problem can be allowed.

Download Math Practice Flash Cards

Kids Math

When kids are learning math, they need to have it be a bit more entertaining. This helps hold their attention a bit longer and makes the math problems more memorable for them. The levels are timed starting at 30 seconds per problem. All 8 levels need to be completed within the allotted time. Give it a spin and make sure the problems are what your child can handle.

Download Kids Math