Friday Free App Rundown February 8 – More Defense Games

Friday Free App Rundown February 8 – More Defense Games

Feb 8, 2013

Defense games are pretty addictive games. When there is a tower defense game tied to an topic of interest, this makes them a lot more fun and addictive. We have talked about a lot of different tower defense games here on Android Rundown but cant cover them all in one or even seven articles. So here is another list of tower defense games for Android.

Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

Fight off the demons sent by the Evil Lord. They are trying to get into the castle and it is up to the elf archers, sword-wielding knights, powerful mages and fire-breathing dragons to put the kibosh on their advances. Lots of different levels and fantasy worlds to play. Try out all of the different attack and defense units to make sure the castle doesn’t fall into the Evil Lord’s clutches.

Download Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD

Birds Defense-Eggs Protection

Animals in nature are really protective of their young. Birds will start pecking and dive-bombing when anything gets close to the nest. This tower defense game is along those lines. Protect the eggs from the swine team. It’s Angry Birds as a tower defense game. Each of the birds has different abilities. Use them in combination with other birds to make an unstoppable defense.

Download Birds Defense-Eggs Protection

Tower Raiders 3 FREE

Tower Raiders 3 is pretty darn cool for a free tower defense game. The goal is to save the humans. However, they are helping gather resources to build more towers. It’s a good team effort. The multi-floor levels and different views make for a really cool game. Some of the other games out there are really flat and undetailed, not Tower Raiders 3.

Download Tower Raiders 3 FREE

Asuri Tower Defense Free

Help Rose fight off the machines that want to take over the world and want to destroy all humans. Also, she is smitten and wants to take it to the next level. If war and defending the human race wasn’t enough to worry about, add in a romance to the situation. Lots going on here. Earn different difficulty levels. Bosses and tanks of all kinds add more challenges.

Download Asuri Tower Defense Free

Zion Tower Defense

Zion Tower Defense kind of has the same plot as that scene from the Matrix. Defend the last remaining humans from the machines. Use the different tools available to fight off the waves of attackers and keep the humans alive. Use a strategy to determine the best way to solve the puzzle for the particular wave of attackers. The HD graphics are gorgeous and the weapons big.

Download Zion Tower Defense