Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies Review

Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies Review

May 16, 2014

Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies is a fun, retro-feeling mouthful.

The game premise is as simple as it gets; it takes a leaf out of the the book of arcade games of years past, and pits a shooter against shooting opponents. It’s a 2D playing area in this one, with the protagonist object at the bottom (forescreen) and the enemy craft mostly in the air above at the top of the screen. The protagonist object can move left and right, and can shoot, and these actions are accomplished via the virtual controls at the very bottom of the game.

The object of the game, obviously, is to stay alive as long as possible while accumulating as many points as possible; the former done my avoiding the “dropping” weaponry from above, and the latter by blasting the enemy out of the sky and collecting freed goodies on the ground. The game starts out with a bang, allowing a second or two ret1for the player to catch a breath, and then it gets busy. the key is the sequencing of the fire; crafts come from both sides, and lay down fire that is purposefully hard to avoid; it forces the player to keep an eye on all facets of the game, and to dart back and forth to stay alive.

It’s not the easiest game, but being tough to conquer works here, as it can be fun to chase high scores. Dexterity is a true advantage, because quick moves are necessary to be successful at the dual goals.

Retro Shooter completes the old school adventure by presenting itself clothed old school graphics complete with enjoyably washed colors and arcade-y sounds to match.

Controller support would be nice: this game practically begs for it. Still, as-is, it’s a great game with plenty of play available.