Push The Box Review

Push The Box Review

Jan 15, 2013

If there is one thing that can be argued in mobile gaming, it is the fact that it isn’t fun to be a pig. Simply put, ever since the Angry Birds franchise did its hatchet jobs on the reputation of the cuties, someone had to do something to clear up their reputation.

Push the Box is the story of their redemption, wrapped up in the cozy, comfortable fable of the Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Piggies. Let’s go.

At its heart, Push The Box is a sliding puzzle game that demands a bit of logic and strategy to get through. The earliest levels gave the perfect primers: caged pigs, boxes and and escape door. The boxes were strategically placed to cover the caged pigs and make egress especially difficult. Using my finger to draw a path, I gave my liberator pig a path to move boxes and/or get to the incarcerated mammals. I found that I could move one box at a time; two boxes stacked against each other could not be moved. This added to the level of strategy required to solve the puzzles. Whatever I did, I wanted to keep my exit hole opened up for escape when I had rescued my caged peeps.

The gameplay evolved the further on I got. Without spilling too much, expect timed traps (uh, fire?), and also expect the ultimate enemy. Yes, the wolf and his cronies are deep in this.

Good, bright coloration was the hallmark of the game. The developer used a minimal selection well. I liked the smooth animations, and the creative use of these animations helped make the game fun to play. The top-down action worked with the graphics, and the sound was standard fare. Scoring was performance-based starring, and I do think the developer could have done a bit of tweaking to that to up the fun level.

Push The Box is the perfect time waster, in that it is simple and easy to figure out. Saving the maligned pigs is just extra.