Recipe Search Review

Recipe Search Review

Dec 18, 2012

There’s no doubt about it, going out to eat is usually easier than cooking. The actual act of cooking isn’t always the problem, a lot of times it’s deciding what to make. That’s where Recipe Search comes in. The main screen of Recipe Search is very pictorial. I liked this because sometimes just the appearance of a new meal can make or break it.

To find a recipe there are several different ways to search. The main screen would be like the trending recipes. This is where a lot of the pictures are. Another way to search is by category. Some examples of categories are: Main dishes, snacks and appetizers, holiday recipes, side dishes and even recipes for special diets. Some other ways to search are by ingredients. So this means if there is some chicken in their freezer, it’s easy enough to sort all of the recipes for just chicken. This helps narrow it down and not created urge to run to the grocery store.

Some of the special diet recipes consist of vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetic and even baby food recipes. I thought some of these categories of recipes where pretty cool because not many apps have been divided up like that.

On the recipe page, there are several different tweaks. One of the options is to convert the measurements. Everything is initially in the Imperial measurement system but if preferred, the Convert Measures button change everything to metric. If desired, an account can be created. An account opens up the option to use the meal planner. In recipe view there’s an option to add it to the meal plan. Also in recipe view, there’s a shopping list. When the shopping list button is clicked, a pop-up window with all of the ingredients shows up. Next he to the ingredients there’s a check box. To use the shopping list an account is required. However, the ingredients for the recipe can be shared via email or text message. This might be an easy way to get around signing up for an account.

While many recipe apps are just apps, Recipe Search is attached to a the community. Having account will allow access to the forums and other fun and useful information for foodies.