Blastron Review

Blastron Review

Aug 26, 2013

Blastron is a heady trip into a fantasy world where robot combat is not only the norm… it is encouraged.

It all starts with the graphics. Simply put, I like the look of this game. The virtual landscapes are bright, and there was an eerie feel to the 3d renderings. The animations employed, like the robot characterizations, are whimsical without being too cartoon-y, and as a whole, the whole package comes together nicely.

For games of this type to get on my good side, I like to see a decent tutorial. This game is on my good side. The teaching mode makes up one of the three modes (the others being multiplayer and single person campaign), and shows how to use the dual virtual buttons that make up most of the controls. The game uses adjustable arcing controls to control blast1the metal-bending artillery. In may ways, it mimics the dimension bending arcing in Angry Birds, in that dragging and manipulating that specific button adjusts power, velocity and more for the weapon chosen. With practice, it actually feels logical, and the physics feels almost natural. The other button controls movement in the fighting area.

Actual gameplay is best described as a war of attrition: blast others, and avoid being blasted. It’s fast and furious, and both actual play modes provide a good deal of fun, even though the limited play turns per time period in campaign mode was a tad disappointing. Real cash can solve this particular problem.

The game does give rewards, but I am still a bit salty about the ticket system. As a consolation, I cannot find the same restriction on the multiplayer mode, so there’s that, as well as the daily gift.

It’s a fun quick-hitter, with upgrades that can keep folks engaged.