MixZing Media Player Review

MixZing Media Player Review

Jun 10, 2013

MixZing comes in trying to be an All-Star. It mostly succeeds.

The design decisions make for a very pleasant opening salvo. The interface is smooth, with the opening screen looking pretty snazzy with its stock red theme and dark highlights. There is also a rolling pane of recently played media files for quick access.

The main navigation screen gives boxes for Music, Videos, Folders and Internet Radio. Tapping the music button leads to the listing of individual songs, with headings for listings of by artist, album, songs, and genres. There is a also tabs for playlists as well. The music player has all the options one would expect from a premium player: big, visual mix1buttons, play all and shuffle functionality. In addition to that, it has a sleep timer, file scanner, per song equalizer and a pretty nifty song identifier.

The music identifier works to search an online database to pull up information like tags and album art. The ability to attach art to individual music files is quite a welcome feature. In a lot of cases, its possible to select from different ones, too. Each song, if properly identified, yields tons of track data if he info button is tapped: lyrics, artist bio, Google, Wikipedia and Youtube links included. I did find one or two lyrics imaginative, but overall, the database it pulls it from seems accurate.

The scanner is great too; a big test, for me at least, is the ability to pull in music files from different parts of the phone. This app does this relatively well, and allows me to not include songs from, say, my ringtone folder or game sounds.

The online radio is a relatively new feature, but it’s pretty fun. There are several choices to choice from, with track info included, just like for the on-board music.

One of the cooler features is the lockscreen widget. When toggled, it allows music playback to be controlled without unlocking the device; advanced features include waking the phone when tracks are changing and only having the widget available when the app is active.

Even before you toss in the mood player functionality or the Song Recommender, MixZing comes across as being an all-round media player capable of handing hefty tasks. With free and pro versions, it’s easy to find a reason to get addicted to it.

Samsung’s Galaxy Player 5.8 Redefines Giant Screens

Samsung’s Galaxy Player 5.8 Redefines Giant Screens

Aug 28, 2012

Did you think that the Galaxy Note was just too small? 5.3" of screen just wasn't enough, was it? No, you need something bigger. The Galaxy Note 2 having a rumored 5.5" screen? Still not enough. How about the new Galaxy Player 5.8, recently announced in Korea? It's got a 5.8" screen. It features a design inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S III, just bigger. Sadly, the resolution is only 960×540, so there's a definite drop in PPI. But those are the sacrifices that must be made when going after the biggest, baddest screen. There's no sacrifice of battery life, with a beefy 2500 mAh battery. It also boasts frontal stereo speakers, and in fact this thing's layout may make it optimal as a wifi phone. There's just no word of what's under the hood – sure, it might be able to handle video, but will gaming work well on it? And will the western world, hungry for giant screens, be able to get their hands on this thing soon? And I do mean hands because that screen size is big, yo.

Skifta Review

Skifta Review

Aug 20, 2012

All of the digital media collected over time seems to end up sitting at home more than it should. On those nights out, there are times when a playlist from home might be just what the party needs. Skifta is an app for Android giving access to all of your digital media and the ability to stream it to a Wi-Fi device like a TV or PS3.

The way Skifta does it’s thing is not just through the Android app, there are other parts too it. An online account is needed as the “middle man” and an app is needed for the Windows computer at home to allow the connection. All of those can be downloaded for free here: http://www.skifta.com/getting-started

Once everything is downloaded, it’s a matter of connecting everything. The steps to make the connections are pretty are laid out pretty well on the Skifta site. One tip many people might overlook is to make sure the firewall on the home computer will allow Skifta to accept incoming requests. This may also need to be changes in the computer’s anti-virus program.

In testing, everything went great with streaming music. It pulled up my entire music library and streamed music I don’t have anywhere on my tablet. I have a few .avi files on my computer from screencasts. They played just fine but took a little longer to load than the music did.

When using a PS3 to stream to, there is an option for an unlisted player. This will let any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network find and stream from Skifta on the Android phone. Simply fire up the PS3 and go to the spot where the media servers show up.

Overall Skifta is pretty easy to use. Because there are not a lot of other free options that work this well, I have no real complaints on how it works.

PowerAmp Music Player For Android

PowerAmp Music Player For Android

Nov 10, 2010

It wasn’t soon after Winamp released its beta media player that we caught news of another diamond in the rough. Originally only available through 3rd party downloads, “PowerAmp” has since found its way to the Android Market. First it was released in trial form but we now have the “Full” paid version available for $4.99. This newest addition to the music player market is one that will completely change the way you view mobile music players. PowerAmp is by far the most feature rich medial player I have had the pleasure of using.

As soon as you see PowerAmp you are visually impressed. The rich, sleek UI is extremely sexy and comes in 3 different color themes. PowerAmp scans and loads up music almost instantaneously. Songs can be played from pre-selected folders or from the standard Android system library. Poweramp will find and download album art which is not only static but becomes interactive upon swiping. Unlike most media players, PowerAmp gives users amazing sound control with their 10 band equalizer and preamp controls. Pretend you’re an audio engineer as you tweak all the multiple settings or simply choose one of the many presets made available.