Meganoid 2 Review

Meganoid 2 Review

Oct 26, 2012

As outlined in our preview the other day, Meganoid 2 is not a game for the faint-of-heart. This is a very challenging platformer. The goal is quite simple: get to the end alive. And if that wasn’t hard enough, then there’s additional objectives for getting to the end in under the time limit, and for finding the golden idol in each level. It’s usually cleverly hidden somewhere in secret paths. There’s spikes, falling blocks, disintegrating platformss, snakes, and giant boulders standing between the player and ultimate success.

The visual style actually doesn’t resemble the original Meganoid much at all: gone are the bright colors, replaced with the kind of dank caverns that fill an adventurer’s days and nights. I’m almost suprised that this isn’t a spinoff of Super Drill Panic, given the similar visual themes, but Meganoid may have more brand recognition. Hard to fault that.

The challenge level is the most frustrating thing, but it’s also rewarding. There’s nothing quite like managing to get that one incredibly difficult level figured out, itis perils melting away with perfect jumps, and manging to avoid running into those falling blocks. Blocks bad!

The button placement is customizable, which is handy because there’s a small gap between the two directional buttons.I would like to see custom sizing of the buttons, and maybe a way to more easily snap them along the same horizontal line; as it is now, it’s easier for them to be just slightly askew. It can be maddening.

Quick reaction times are really necessary, and the levels are set up to be absurdly challenging. There is zero forgiveness, and very tight timing windows throughout. Good luck. The difficulty curve of the levels can be uneven, with some that took me dozens of tries to complete, while I completed the next level in one shot. Maybe I’m just that good.

Fans of Orangepixel games, retro-style adventures, or those just looking for a challenge, will get what they want out of Meganoid 2. It’s often frustrating for various reasons, but is often very satisfying.

Meganoid 2 Coming Soon – Prepare for a Challenge

Meganoid 2 Coming Soon – Prepare for a Challenge

Oct 24, 2012

Prolific indie developer Orangepixel is getting ready to release its newest pixel art action game: Meganoid 2. Pascal Bestebroer, the head of the one man studio, claims that the goal of the game is to be extremely challenging. So far, mission accomplished. There’s devious traps to avoid like suddenly-appearing spikes, blocks that fall from the ciling only when the player gets really near, and just plain difficult platforming. There’s medals for finishing the level in one piece, collecting the idol in each level, and finishing in under the allotted time. None of the goals are easy at all.

Visually, the game uses the familiar Orangepixel style, while also using a more rustic adventurer style, as players control the grandpa of the protagonist of the original Meganoid.

Excited to play this? Well, the game releases on October 26th, in both an ad-supported free version and paid ad-free version. Android owners take heart that this is a limited-time exclusive to the platform. Check out some screens below, and be prepared for more titles in the future from Orangepixel, including a 2-player co-op title called Gunslugs.