KickStarter Spotlight: Cube

KickStarter Spotlight: Cube

Jul 25, 2012

Finding a resting spot to charge a phone is challenging because the location of the micro USB is usually at the bottom of the phone making it hard to stand and display correctly. There are plenty of docks out there that allow for a cord to run through but I have not found any that truly allow for freedom of movement and easy un-docking. Also, most Android docks are tied to other devices such as clocks and stereos which make them very expensive. This week’s KickStarter project is called Cube and it is as effective as it is simple. Taking a page out of Apple’s not-so-successful Cube G4, this Cube is made out of clear plastic with one open end.

The center is a hollow cylinder and the bottom snaps off for easy insertion of a micro-USB or iPhone connector. This cord is securely fastened to the bottom of the stand which allows for the phone to be removed simply by tugging up on the phone. This would easily pull the cord out of other stands which would force the user to have to rethread it back into the tiny holes at the bottom. Cube acts like a hardwired stereo dock but with much more flexibility. Also, the simple design that comes in multiple colors and styles of plastic so it can almost become an attractive piece of decor for a living room.

The KickStarter video shows Cube having the ability to swivel around in its inner circle to face the viewer. I have some doubts about how effective this is but the fact that this is displayed as an ability is at least promising. Another strange claim is that the Cube was designed to naturally amplify the sound of music or notifications. I do not know how much the Cube was specially designed to amplify sound so much as it was discovered to amplify it naturally.

Even through all this I am excited for Cube, as it is very attractive and simple. It fixes the problem that a lot of other stands have and delivers it all in an inexpensive package; retailing for around $25. As with all KickStarter Spotlights, there is no way it can become a reality without the support of the internet.