Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Review

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Review

Aug 5, 2013

How long should a game last? Are you the type of person that demands 30 hours of gameplay before you’d even consider purchasing a title? Well, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes has got you covered. This game is huge.

Try and bear in mind I’m being quite relative with my usage of the word ‘huge’. It’s no Skyrim, but for your average Android download, Clash of Heroes contains a campaign that easily clocks in at over 30 hours. Is this a good thing, though? Do we want to grind through 30 hours of Clash of Heroes?

It will all come down to how much you enjoy the game’s basic structure and combat. Clash of Heroes is a Strategy RPG title. Battles are turn based and at the end of each fight, you’ll level up, gain EXP and all sorts of other RPG tropes are thrown in.

Battles play out in a grid view, with your allies and your enemies in two halves of the screen. You’re tasked with lining up units that are the same color to enable them to attack or defend. Three units in a row, they’ll build a wall and three in a column, they’ll combine and attack. Each turn you start off with 3 moves and winning or losing the fight will come down to how well you use these moves. Tapping on the screen can allow you to shuffle units around, delete a unit and summon some new troops onto the field. There’s bonuses for combos and all sorts of other rules that are introduced to you at a sensible pace.Clash2

It all sounds rather simple, but the depth and strategy comes from the fact there are so many unit types, each with their unique moves and attributes. Do you focus on getting a unit linked together that will attack in the next turn, or can you afford to have a stronger unit charge for 3 turns before attacking? What column do you need to defend more than the others because the enemy’s got a powerful attack on its way?

It’s easy to see why this game was so well received when it was originally released on the DS a couple of years ago. The only negatives that come to mind is the fact that you can’t level up as freely as you’d perhaps want to. Within the campaign, moving around the world and entering into battles happens at set points, meaning you can’t freely explore the world and will have to seek out the preset fights that exist within the game. It seems odd to complain about a lack of random encounters, but in this game’s case it stops you from making your character as powerful as perhaps you’d like.

It’s also safe to say that the presentation, although solid, is uninspired. Generic settings, story and characters won’t help you stay interested in the mammoth campaign. That aside, if you fall in love with the combat system and the depth of units on offer, Clash of Heroes is a game that will happily drain your battery a thousand times over.