Mini Golf Matchup Review

Mini Golf Matchup Review

May 24, 2013

Mini Golf Matchup is a pleasant putt putt sim that puts a major emphasis on social interaction.

The multiplayer format really encourages playing with friends. I can play with people in my email contacts, or random strangers. Upon finding an opponent, it comes down to turn-by-turn play on the same course. I love the fact that I could have games going against numerous people simultaneously, and at my own pace. For the random games, I simply waited for the game to do the matching, and waited for my turn.

The courses had different looks, different levels of difficulty/hazards and different scenery. To get the ball into play, I simply long-pressed and pulled… sort of like creating the virtual motion that mimics how a pinball machine mini1game is started. In true real-life fashion, the shortest distance between tee and chip was rarely a straight line; thus, using the boundaries as bumpers was almost a needed skill.

The game incorporated gems in the playing area, as well as at least one big gem. The more I hit, the more points I was able to procure. Five (5) shots make par, and basic golf terms apply. To score points, I tried to make the hole in as few shots as possible while getting bonuses for clearing gems and the big bonus diamond. Holes in one are always celebrated, and a bonus carries over to the next hole.

I think the developer made a good choice by working in achievements into the game. The achievements range from using do-overs (a feature allowing players to redo a shot) to skimming shots over water. I could use coins to skip them, but I thought the ones I tried were fun. Graphically, it was bright and rich, exhibiting a whimsical artistic style I almost expected in a game like this. The animations are brash in a good way.

I think the game could use better notifications. The ads are not too irritating, and in an case, it is possible to get rid of them via in-app purchase.

I think MGM is a sleeper that must be played to be appreciated.