Mini Motor Racing Review

Mini Motor Racing Review

May 15, 2012

The racing genre is particularly adept at putting the name of their genre in the name, making the jobs of us writers much harder. “Mini Motor Racing is a racing game? Of course it is, stupid writer. What did you think I would think it is, a first-person RPG?” Well, snarky rhetorical reader, Mini Motor Racing is a racing game, and shut up.

It takes place from an interesting camera perspective: it’s isometric, but also follows the racers around the track. There are no weapons, though each racer has a supply of nitro boosts that can be replenished by picking up additional boosts on the track. The main attraction of the game is the career mode, where money can be earned toward making that vehicle better. All the turbo boosts!

Mini Motor Racing is a really pretty game. It’s got a great amount of detail, fantastic lighting, and looks great on high-resolution phones and tablets, though some interface elements could look better. There are plenty of tracks to race on. While the game claims 212 races, that includes tracks that are reversed and take place at night, though there’s still a lot of tracks – 30 in total.

In fact, the game does something interesting with the tracks: there’s no set starting point, so each time a race restarts, it might start from a different point. It means that even a course that’s been raced multiple times may still have an alien feeling because of that different starting point, and it may even change the strategy of boosting based on where the finish line is.

The controls are a mixed bag. The default method is a steering wheel that must be pointed in the direction the player wants the car to go, and given the twisty tracks, this is better than the Reckless Racing method of having left and right controls, primarily because it gets hard to decipher what turning left or right mean! It’s accurate, but still kind unwieldy to use the wheel controls, and I occasionally hit the software back key on my tablet accidentally with the palm of my hand while playing.

Mini Motor Racing has plenty of fun in it, with plenty of longevity to boast as well. Figure out which direction is which, and prepare to have some fun with this one.