MinuteQuest Review

MinuteQuest Review

May 14, 2014

A game where gamers have to complete the first section of the game over and over again? That couldn’t be possible any fun. Or can it?


A couple of years ago, PSP owners enjoyed multiple cross sections of a typical rpg in Half Minute Hero. On Android, developer Mitsuhiro Okada brings a similar experience with MinuteQuest. But instead of using real time strategy elements or shoot ‘em up gameplay, Okada concentrated the game to two actions only. Walking and slashing. MinuteQuest is a 2D action role playing game, where gamers take the lead in an adventure that repeats itself over and over again.

The core of MinuteQuest is dying, standing up, die again. This process repeats itself over and over again. Being a rpg, players will level their character up by defeating monsters in real-time combat, but later on the enemies will get tougher and tougher. So the player’s goal is to get stronger with every enemy it kills to gain enough experience to defeat the tougher monsters later on. But death is inevitable and the same road must be taken again when death is there again.

I like rpg’s and I don’t mind a little bit of grinding. In a game like Monster Adventures, I didn’t like it. In Pokémon I love it, in Skyrim I couldn’t get enough of it and now I feel the same. Comparing MinuteQuest to Skyrim may be nuts – but, is it? MinuteQuest takes the core of an typical rpg and presents the player just that. Sure, there isn’t a vast world to explore, but there is special loot to uncover, there are monsters to be slain, there is experience to be gathered and there is an adventure to complete. So technically, Minute Quest is a cross section of modern day rpg’s and it’s really fun to play.

It doesn’t have the lasting appeal of those RPGs, however. Playing this game for hours straight will make the player mad, but playing it just a couple of minutes makes it really fun. The hero walks by touching the screen and fights by tapping it – the controls couldn’t be any easier. And it should be like this, because simplicity is one of the pillars of this game. That doesn’t mean players won’t have to deal with stats and hit points bars, because they’re all represent to make the experience complete.

MinuteQuest is one of those surprisingly fun titles that won’t come out on game consoles or handhelds anymore. It’s a short, but definitely a delightful and funny experience and provides the player everything it could expect seeing the screens in this article. Any rpg fan could give this game a try; within no time, they will find themselves hooked. Just like me.