Plarium launches ‘Terminator Genisys: Future War’ on Android

Plarium launches ‘Terminator Genisys: Future War’ on Android

May 23, 2017

If you’re a fan of the Terminator franchise — and, frankly, who isn’t — and mobile gaming, you might want to know there’s a new game out, courtesy of developer Plarium: Terminator Genisys: Future War.

This one picks up right about where the last movie (Terminator Genisys) ended. It’s an MMO with clan partnerships, allowing players to go to battle for precious resources.

Terminator Genisys: Future War is a free-to-play mobile strategy game where the human Resistance is locked in a never-ending war with the machine army. Genisys is destroyed and Skynet is offline, but the future war is far from over. Engage in large-scale strategic warfare and rejoin the struggle between machine and man. Build your base, attack your enemies and pave the way to victory for your clan in tactical multiplayer.

Plariom CMO Gabi Shalel talks about the natural collaboration. “Pairing the Terminator Genisys universe with Plarium’s advanced strategy gameplay was one of the most natural creative decisions we’ve made because the franchise aligns so well with our core game mechanics,” he says. “From the epic scale of the game to the diverse weaponry, futuristic technology and ability to play as ‘good’ or ‘evil’, this is the experience Terminator fans have always wanted.”

Terminator Genisys: Future War is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Check out the trailer:

En Masse Announces Upcoming MMO ‘Battleplans’

En Masse Announces Upcoming MMO ‘Battleplans’

Feb 12, 2016

En Masse Entertainment has made a name for itself with regards to cross-platform games, and we are happy to find out is has a new game in development.

The new game is called Battleplans, and it will be a cross-platform MMO experience.

Some excerpts from the En Masse website:

Battleplans sets itself apart from other RTS titles by using simple, intuitive controls that allow players to focus on making quick decisions in the heat of battle instead of navigating endless menus. The game also separates battle decisions from planning decisions, so players don’t have to master both aspects at the same time while also dealing with the pressures of PvP combat.

Key features for Battleplans include:

Real-Time Tactics — Make decisions quickly that turn the tide of battle.
Competitive Play — Dominate the map. Plan, attack, and defend on your schedule.
Intuitive Controls — Easy to learn and fun to master. Quick-thinking beats quick fingers.
Cross-Platform Fun — Attack on your tablet. Defend on your phone. Plan on your PC. It’s your choice.
Plan Your Battles — Choose from a mix of unique heroes and units for both attack and defense.

For those interested in the PC beta, signups are underway. We’ll keep y’all posted with updates regarding the Android port. For the curious, the developer is looking to a Spring release.

In the mean time, enjoy the signup trailer:

[via En Masse News]

Total Domination – Reborn Arrives on Android

Total Domination – Reborn Arrives on Android

Dec 19, 2014

Plarium is back again — this time with new game Total Domination – Reborn, which is out now on Android. The game is a welcome Android standalone port of the Total Domination series.

The game is an MMO strategy game that brings designed warfare to handheld gameplay.

Per the press release, features include:

· Building Forces – Study technologies, stockpile weapons, and unlock powerful colonies, while building forces from over 30 Infantry, Armor Corps, Artillery, and Air Force units. Strengthen your troops and protect your sectors from invasions.

· Developing Strategy and Teamwork – A flexible and strategy-based format allows users to play according to their style – gamers can go it alone, or form alliances and clans with other sectors. Extra resources are earned by raiding other communities or by trading with other players.

· Immersive Storylines – A classic interface is familiar to long-time gamers, plus global in-game storyline developments introduce non-player opponents and new ways to work with or betray fellow commanders.

· Continually Enhanced Experience – Frequent updates ensure the game stays fresh by offering new units, buildings, technologies, and defensive improvements for players.

Plarium Marketing Chief Gabi Shalel wants fans to appreciate the game. “Total Domination – Reborn has been designed with its own unique functionalities to offer the best mobile gameplay experience possible,” he says. “Long term fans of the game series and new players alike will appreciate the completely re-imagined interface design, new artwork, and a streamlined set of features.”

The game is available for free (with optional in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Proxy42 Launches Pre-sale for its New AR First-Person Shooting Game

Proxy42 Launches Pre-sale for its New AR First-Person Shooting Game

Nov 10, 2014

With augmented reality games like Ingress grabbing a foothold in the mobile landscape, it’s obvious that the genre is a popular one. I think it is clear we’d love to see more.

As such, word that Proxy42 is launching the pre-order for its upcoming crowdfunded Father.IO game and associated “363R” Trigger accessory is something that is making us salivate.

The game is heavily dependent on the accessory piece, which seems to fit over Android devices; the device can then be used as a virtual weapon, creating a self-described laser-tag game. If the trailer and test videos are anything to go by, this should be an exceptionally interesting concept.

Folks interested in pre-ordering the $59 accessory can do so at the order site; there is also an associated referral system which can help defray that cost even further. The presale itself will be active for 30 days.

We look forward to hearing more about this game, and possibly trying it out.

Screenshot 1 _Father.IO

[Source: Father.IO Press Release]

Game Insight Releases a New Free-To-Play Multiplayer Strategy, Cloud Raiders, Released for Android

Game Insight Releases a New Free-To-Play Multiplayer Strategy, Cloud Raiders, Released for Android

Feb 28, 2014

Cloud Raiders 3

Cloud Raiders is a real-time strategy in which the player control giant floating islands that in time become fortresses, equipped with deadly defenses and raging armies. Then they fight against others’ islands for gold and glory. The game looks fun and pretty, and is available for free from here: Cloud Raiders on Google Play.

Akasha Review

Akasha Review

Jan 31, 2014

Akasha is a new mobile exclusive MMORG. Does it tip Order and Chaos from its pedestal?

Akasha isn’t the most user friendly game. After a class choice between fighter, archer or mage and a very brief series of tutorial text boxes in a small font the game basically leaves the player to their own devices. Akasha uses a instance based system much like Guild Wars. To fight monsters or party up with other adventurers the player must begin an instance which can be thought of as a mini quest.

Screenshot_2014-01-26-13-36-14After beginning an instance, Akasha plays much like any MMO, if MMOs consisted of tapping a single icon.

Regardless of the class chosen, gameplay in Akasha boils down to battering the fire icon as quickly as possible while moving between enemies. Unlike most MMOs, there are no varied classes such as clerics, tanks or nukers here since every class from fighter to mage attacks at point blank range for much the same damage.

Indeed the only reason to join a party in Akasha is because of the bonus experience that monsters give when killed, as the extremely limited number of skills in the game and the total lack of support or healing spells mean that common MMORPG strategies, such as healing the tank as he takes the damage or protecting the cleric as they keep everyone else alive don’t exist. The classes in the game are all attackers and the gameplay consists of simply attacking constantly until enemies are dead. This is hardly compelling and is completely devoid of the tactics and camaraderie that is typically found in MMORPG parties. There is just no co-operation or fun to be found in Akasha’s gameplay.

Screenshot_2014-01-29-09-03-36Akasha uses a very barebones skill system. The titular Akasha are little more than stats boosts that are attached to characters to augment their statistics and don’t make an actual appearance in the game. The player is limited in the amount of Akasha that can be equipped, adding a tiny bit of depth by forcing players to balance out stats with the right Akasha. Additional slots to equip Akasha can only be gained though in-app purchases.

Matters are not helped by the extremely basic presentation on offer. Akasha uses a 2-D sprite based style that will be familiar to players of famous mobile MMOs, such as Zeonia. Unfortunately, it lacks any sort of eye candy and features generic sprites on nondescript backgrounds. Magic effects are unimpressive and nothing in the game really looks good. Order and Chaos with it’s full 3-D environments is far better.

The player is unlikely to want to play Akasha for long either. The lack of actual MMO style gameplay ensure its button mashing becomes dull fast.

Akasha in short is not really a MMO as such. Sure the “online” and the “massive” parts are there, but it barely qualifies as an RPG. Order and Chaos is a far superior game with real MMO classes and very solid gameplay. Akasha meanwhile is not worth playing.

A New Tactical Shooter Is Coming: Line of Defense Tactics

A New Tactical Shooter Is Coming: Line of Defense Tactics

Jan 23, 2014

LOD Tactics 3

This turn-based action game is going to be set in the universe of an upcoming MMO, Line Of Defense. It’s close to the classic UFO in terms of gameplay, and gives the player control over four space troopers, who need to eliminate the enemy, making use of their surroundings as, well as varied weaponry. The game will be available on Google Play, as well as on Amazon, soon. Get more info here: Line of Defense Website.

Order and Chaos Online Review

Order and Chaos Online Review

Jul 11, 2011

Few companies have embraced Android with as much fervor as Gameloft. Take a look through the most impressive, Triple-A titles available on the Android Market and you’ll find that a decent number of them were developed by the company. It should come as no surprise then, glancing at the lavish screenshots below, to find that Order and Chaos is another Gameloft title. To say the game is impressive is to massively understate the point. To say it looks ever so slightly like World of Warcraft is to state the bleeding obvious.

Order and Chaos is a 3D MMO that takes it cues from Blizzard’s behemoth, as well as cherry picking the best bits from the current generation of successful online RPGs. The fact that Gameloft have managed to shrink down the template to fit it into your pocket is remarkable, but what’s even more remarkable is the way that it all works.

Playing Order and Chaos is smooth and simple. Anyone who’s played an MMO will be instantly at home, and anyone who hasn’t is treated to simple hints to help them through. You can choose one of four races, Elves, Humans, Orcs and Undead, and one of four classes, Ranger, Warrior, Monk and Mage. Then you’re let loose into the enormous world to loot, grind, quest and raid to your heart’s content. Order and Chaos is a staggering achievement, a massively multiplayer game that fits so comfortably in your pocket it almost beggars belief.

Some people might find the freemium model off-putting, others might find the whole thing a little too close to WoW, but none of this should take away from the incredible job that Gameloft have done in building the game.

Order and Chaos, along with the rest of Gameloft’s catalogue, demonstrates just what the Android platform can do. It’s engaging, addictive and jaw-droppingly beautiful. Once you’ve gotten over just how good the game looks, you’ll find a huge adventure waiting for you. Buy it, show it off to your friends and get them to buy it too.

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Comes to V CAST (With Beta Access Giveaway!)

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Comes to V CAST (With Beta Access Giveaway!)

Jul 7, 2011

Spacetime Studios’ upcoming MMORPG for mobiles, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, has officially entered into a closed beta. This long-in-development game, revived recently after the success of Pocket Legends, is now playable for the public for the first time.

Launching the game, players choose from three classes: Commando, Engineer, and Operative. Commando is the game’s power class, using powerful guns to take out enemies. The other classes are more suited for ranged combat and skill usage. Quests can be obtained by talking to people on the ship. The first few quests are just to introduce the controls and where locations on the ship are, before dropping into instances where players try to take out mercenaries and boss enemies. Levels include boxes with items, and item pickups that enemies drop; these are fairly standard entries to the genre. It’s possible to do level instances and quests solo, although it’s easy from the main menu to join up with players playing through specific levels, in order to gain more experience and take on enemies with the help of the old axiom “power in numbers.”

The game seems to make it easy to just jump into a game and play, while still providing the standard MMO experience for fans of the genre. The overworld music and space theme evoke memories of the original Phantasy Star Online, a far underrated online RPG. There appear to be 36 total quests in this beta, providing enough content to explore the game’s worlds currently available. The game offers an in-app purchase currency, called Plat, that can be used to purchase a variety of things from items, credits, upgrade slots, and more. It is not known if the game hands out Plat for in-game tasks, at least early on.

For those looking to give the game a shot, the beta lasts until July 20th, available as a free download until July 20th for Verizon subscribers, as the beta is being exclusively distributed on V CAST. However, we are giving away some access codes into the beta; the first person to comment below will win access into the beta (ability to install non-Market applications required). Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to win access into the beta as well! There’s no word yet on when the final version of the game comes out, but stay tuned for more of our coverage on this anticipated game.

Pocket Legends For Android [Contest]

Pocket Legends For Android [Contest]

Nov 19, 2010

*Congratulations derajdefyre!*

[Thanks to everyone who entered the Pocket Legends Android costume contest.]

About 2 weeks ago the crew over at Spacetime Studios announced sign-ups for their “Pocket Legends” closed beta. It was open to only 50 people and the rest of the mobile MMO world cried uncontrollably and threw temper tantrums until finally they decided to release an open beta for all (that’s not really how it happened but that’s how I imagined it).

Pocket Legends for those of you who haven’t heard is a pioneer in the mobile 3D MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gaming genre. The developers have been hard at work trying to accomplish their dream of “providing players, no matter where they are, with a single deep, seamless 3D MMO gaming experience on multiple devices.” Pocket Legends for Android is one more step in accomplishing that dream and I for one can’t give them enough credit.