Upcoming MMORPG Durango Opens Up Beta Testing

Upcoming MMORPG Durango Opens Up Beta Testing

Nov 30, 2016

When Nexon Korea does it, it usually goes big; the veteran Android game publishing house is no stranger to hit games; it already has quite the stable on Android OS.

Still, good news abounds: Nexon Korea is getting in on the holiday spirit by announcing that fans who want to get an early taste of its upcoming game Durango can now sign up formally to be beta testers.

This specific beta test phase will allow participants to get in on the game mechanics, such as character customization, clan battling, village building, and — this one warms the heart — dinosaur taming and rising. It sounds like a well-rounded game, one that seemingly has plenty to keep players entertained.

The developer promises a beautiful but dangerous environment that puts an emphasis on survival.

The beta pool is limited, and the phase formally starts on December 14th; as such, it behooves those interested to get registered. NOW.

Beta key distribution has officially started.

This beta is available on Android and iOS; check out the preview trailer below:

[via Durango website]

Forsaken World Mobile is Coming to Android Soon Courtesy of Fedeen Games

Forsaken World Mobile is Coming to Android Soon Courtesy of Fedeen Games

Apr 14, 2015

Forsaken World Mobile, an MMORPG from Fedeen Games, is on its way to Android.

In Forsaken World Mobile, players will be able to interact with the massive open world as one of five dynamic classes. Stand tall and strong, shielding your allies as a Warrior, or strike from the shadows as a stealthy Assassin. Feed on the life force of your enemies as a Kindred, blast your foes with elemental spells as a Mage, or put your healing talents to work for the good of your team as a Cleric.

Once you’ve selected your class, you’ll have the entire fully 3D landscape of Forsaken World, built using the same graphics engine as the PC games,literally at your fingertips. Team up with your friends to raid massive dungeons and take on epic bosses for tons of awesome loot, or destroy them in heart-stopping PVP battles! Outfit your character with eye-catching accessories as you traverse the land on your choice of exotic mount!

We got a trailer below:

Darkness Reborn Review

Darkness Reborn Review

Dec 30, 2014

I find it incredibly funny that mobile platforms get tons more MMO games than the consoles, even if most of them are not exactly MMOs, but multiplayer RPGs. Darkness Reborn is a shining example of that. Maybe not too shiny, since it doesn’t offer anything unusual, except for solid gameplay, a bunch of staple mobile RPG tropes and a surprisingly vibrant community.

Darkness Reborn gives the player a task of defeating a cursed hero, who plagues the world and corrupts living creatures. The campaign consists of a linear number of missions, each one lasting no more than five or ten minutes, and all of them ending in some sort of a boss fight. There are a couple of heroes available from the start, although the game teases with more coming later. The heroes have different stats and abilities, but they all have the same general mechanics: there is a basic attack that can be spammed into a simple combo, and several special abilities that have a cooldown and require mana to use. I played as a ninja, a girl with breasts literally the size of her head that jiggle like they’re filled with water and adolescent dreams.

The gameplay is close to that of Dynasty Warriors kind of games, where the RPG styled hero managing is combined with hack-n-slash action. Darkness Reborn contains every part of Darkness Reborn 3the standard free-to-play RPG model, including but not limited to lots of loot-hoarding, equipment upgrades, passive and active skill upgrades, energy required to go on a mission, a PvP mode, and lots and lots of grinding. I mean, you can’t really call it “grinding” when grinding is literally all you do. Just like the other hack-n-slash RPGs, Darkness Reborn only gets larger in scale after a while, only giving the new, cool mechanics to the enemies. But I’ve played worse, and for all its simplicity, the battles in Darkness Reborn are actually pretty fun.

Overall, it’s basically another mission-based free-to-play MMORPG on the platform. Not bad, but in my head, it’s already getting absorbed into a collective memory of all the other fantasy MMOs like it.

Eternity Warriors 3 Review

Eternity Warriors 3 Review

Jun 11, 2014

Eternal Warriors 3 starts off with the basic formula of Blizzard’s Diablo series. Players pick from a warrior, monk or mage (locked) and embark on a instantance based journey around a central town, ala Tristram.

Screenshot_2014-06-07-11-48-42Each area has a few basic quests, like killing a certain amount of enemies, but most of the game is simply basic hack and slash, where the player works their way through an area full of enemies. There is a standard attack button a parry button and a few additional buttons for various skills that are little more that stronger hits. There are no healing spells, buffs or anything as such.

There is an abundance of loot in Eternal Warriors 3. Various pieces of armour, weapons and reagents are everywhere and are often dropped by dead enemies. Equipment can be fused together to boost its stats (which consumes the fused items) and once it is a high enough level it can be further boosted with a reagent and changes form. Then the item requires more fusing and so on. Getting a piece of equipment to a really powerful level takes a lot of grinding.

And indeed the game itself rewards endless grinding. The constant flow of loot and easy gameplay generally encourages the player to repeat the same dungeons again and again to quickly acquire new things to fuse to their existing equipment. There are a few really challenging bosses and levels in the game which act as meat gates until players become powerful enough to defeat them.

In a nutshell Eternal Warriors 3’s gameplay is decent, if unexceptional.

Screenshot_2014-06-07-10-59-42Most of this goodness is undone however by a critical lack of player interaction. All questing in Eternity Warriors 3 is done alone. There is no way to form a party of any kind and the only time the player sees other players is in the town when not in battle and when in a PvP match. This lack of party combat really makes Eternity Warriors a bore after a while. Hacking though hordes of enemies can only be fun for a little while and the lack of party dynamics and varied classes really gives Eternity Warriors 3 a short shelf life. There is the ability to form guilds in game, but there is little point to this when the guild can’t fight together.

Eternity Warriors 3 looks really good. Most equipment appears on the player’s character so it’s fun to see characters tool up and combat animations and enemies look good. Skills are nice and flashy and the game is high res and always moves smoothly no matter what is going on. The sound is fine but rather repetitive. The same combat grunts and enemy sounds can get dull fast.

Eternity Warriors 3 isn’t a terrible game as such, but without true multiplayer the game just isn’t compelling. For a basic loot and slash experience players would probably be better off with Dungeon Hunter 3. For true MMORPG gameplay try Order and Chaos. Eternal Warriors 3 is too one dimensional and dull to warrant attention.

New Spaceflight Simulator Hyperion Online is in Open Beta

New Spaceflight Simulator Hyperion Online is in Open Beta

Mar 17, 2014

Hyperion Online 2

Seemingly aiming to become one of those hardcore, ultra-dedicated space sims, Hyperion Online, which is currently in an “open beta” stage, features a number of different mechanics. It contains over 16 different galactic sectors, a great number of ships, PVP, PVE, and other MMO stuff. You can join the open beta by downloading a free client here: Hyperion Online on Google Play.

Akasha Review

Akasha Review

Jan 31, 2014

Akasha is a new mobile exclusive MMORG. Does it tip Order and Chaos from its pedestal?

Akasha isn’t the most user friendly game. After a class choice between fighter, archer or mage and a very brief series of tutorial text boxes in a small font the game basically leaves the player to their own devices. Akasha uses a instance based system much like Guild Wars. To fight monsters or party up with other adventurers the player must begin an instance which can be thought of as a mini quest.

Screenshot_2014-01-26-13-36-14After beginning an instance, Akasha plays much like any MMO, if MMOs consisted of tapping a single icon.

Regardless of the class chosen, gameplay in Akasha boils down to battering the fire icon as quickly as possible while moving between enemies. Unlike most MMOs, there are no varied classes such as clerics, tanks or nukers here since every class from fighter to mage attacks at point blank range for much the same damage.

Indeed the only reason to join a party in Akasha is because of the bonus experience that monsters give when killed, as the extremely limited number of skills in the game and the total lack of support or healing spells mean that common MMORPG strategies, such as healing the tank as he takes the damage or protecting the cleric as they keep everyone else alive don’t exist. The classes in the game are all attackers and the gameplay consists of simply attacking constantly until enemies are dead. This is hardly compelling and is completely devoid of the tactics and camaraderie that is typically found in MMORPG parties. There is just no co-operation or fun to be found in Akasha’s gameplay.

Screenshot_2014-01-29-09-03-36Akasha uses a very barebones skill system. The titular Akasha are little more than stats boosts that are attached to characters to augment their statistics and don’t make an actual appearance in the game. The player is limited in the amount of Akasha that can be equipped, adding a tiny bit of depth by forcing players to balance out stats with the right Akasha. Additional slots to equip Akasha can only be gained though in-app purchases.

Matters are not helped by the extremely basic presentation on offer. Akasha uses a 2-D sprite based style that will be familiar to players of famous mobile MMOs, such as Zeonia. Unfortunately, it lacks any sort of eye candy and features generic sprites on nondescript backgrounds. Magic effects are unimpressive and nothing in the game really looks good. Order and Chaos with it’s full 3-D environments is far better.

The player is unlikely to want to play Akasha for long either. The lack of actual MMO style gameplay ensure its button mashing becomes dull fast.

Akasha in short is not really a MMO as such. Sure the “online” and the “massive” parts are there, but it barely qualifies as an RPG. Order and Chaos is a far superior game with real MMO classes and very solid gameplay. Akasha meanwhile is not worth playing.

An Update Is Released For Order & Chaos Online

An Update Is Released For Order & Chaos Online

Dec 16, 2013


The fans of this fancy mobile MMORPG can now roam a new dungeon for the heroes of 70th level, a new area, Amusement Park Island, and a new Asian-themed area that will get unlocked on Chinese New Year. There are also more weapon sockets for gems. The game can be downloaded from here: Order & Chaos Online on Google Play.

Mobile Version Of Legacy of a Thousand Suns Is Out

Mobile Version Of Legacy of a Thousand Suns Is Out

Dec 16, 2013

Legacy of a Thousand Suns 2

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is a free-to-play text-based MMORPG. There’s a universe, riddled with cyborgs, aliens, and everything else a proper futuristic universe should be riddled with. The players can team up to fight against epic enemies, or fight each other in special arenas. The game is available here: Legacy of a Thousand Suns Mobile on Google Play.

Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Released On Android

Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Released On Android

Nov 18, 2013


Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, for those who don’t know that yet. And for those who do, and already participate in the online action, here’s a little app that will definitely help you out with that. FFXIV: LIBRA EORZEA is a game away from game, letting players check on their account, characters and friends, managing their game while away. It’s available for free from here: FFXIV: LIBRA EORZEA on Google Play.

Sorceress Class Released For Dark Avenger

Sorceress Class Released For Dark Avenger

Nov 7, 2013

Sorceress Poster

Sorceress joins Templar, Archer, and Berserker as a playable character in Dark Avenger, a popular free-to-play MMORPG, published by Gamevil. Sorceress is a powerful ranged character that wields lots of AOE spells, and can harness the power of ice, fire, and arcane magic. Dark Avenger can be downloaded for free from here: Dark Avenger on Google Play.

Mobile MMORPG Phone Fight Gets Major Update

Mobile MMORPG Phone Fight Gets Major Update

Oct 7, 2013

Phone Fight - Free action MMO 3

Phone Fight is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG, close to Tamagochi. The players need to customize their phone’s avatar, make it stronger, and then make it fight against other avatars. The game already proved quite popular, gaining 1.7 millions of players, and the new update is certain to get some more. Phone Fight can be downloaded from here: Phone Fight on Google Play.

Angry Heroes Review

Angry Heroes Review

Nov 9, 2012

I love games that are a little different. When things have a little twist to them or kind of a parody of how things normally would be. That’s how I see Angry Heroes to be. Watching the promo video below was what gave me that impression. That same feeling is throughout the game too. Angry Heroes is more about fun than serious hardcore action.

Initially there is a character setup. Each type of character has its advantages and disadvantages in battle. Each of the character types can be male or female. Their look and outfit can be customized to make a unique character. Keep in mind this game is an online game and all of the online players are the opponents in the arena, not the computer.

There is a brief tutorial explaining the basics of how to buy some of the ridiculous weapon and armor upgrades. I mean really, a paper bag and a plunger will really help in the arena of battle? The answer is YES!

Angry Heroes is a MMORPG game so that means there are A LOT of people who are willing to battle at any given time. When entering the arena, there are 3 different categories of people opponents; weaker, equal strength or stronger. When fighting a person equal or stronger, bonus points are awarded. The battles are not all that involved. Once the battle with an opponent begins, things are pretty hands off. It’s a turn based battle so just sit back and watch.

There is a really different way to make extra money in the game; guard duty. Basically the job is to stand guard for an hour. The beauty of guard duty is it can happen in the background. A notice will show up in the notification bar when guard duty is done.

Angry Heroes is not just an arena battle game, there are also quests to go on. The quests are similar to guard duty and another way to earn money besides fighting.