Battle Bay Review

Battle Bay Review

May 31, 2017

As the Rovio universe continues to expand, we get to see more and more concepts from the minds that brought us the first batch of angry, vengeful avians, and I believe we are richer for it.

Welcome to Battle Bay, where birds do their battling on water.

And these birds don’t seem pacified just yet, by the way…

Rovio generally does graphics well, and this one is no exception. It glitzy without being overdone, with a lot of attention paid to animations and physics, just like we’d expect. It uses color well, and manages to be playful and life-like at the same time. The controls are easy to manage, and work well with the landscape orientation; shooting and direction can be controlled with both thumbs.

The visual and audio aspects are a great gateway.

And what do we get by way of action? Team battling, of course. The player gets to select a personal, armed boat, join a random team and take on another team in a war of attrition. Yep, shoot and/or be shot… basically take the enemy out before your team is decimated.


And this where the controls are important. The virtual joystick is important, so that you can move, avoid fire and find opponents to get at. Shooting is somewhat automated, but requires a steady hand, plus a willingness to adjust so as to finish off fleeing enemies.

When one faction is dead, the battle is over, and it’s time to collect the bounty. These goodies — game cash, parts and the like — allow for upgrades and crafting, which are necessary to be more effective at battling. It’s a symbiotic system that works fairly well.

There are guilds, tasks and different modes to try out. real cash can be used to expedite operations, but isn’t necessary.

It’s a fun ride, almost surprisingly so, and has us wondering what else Rovio has cooking.

We’re hungry.

Call of Champions Closed Beta Starts Today

Call of Champions Closed Beta Starts Today

Jul 15, 2015

Spacetime Studios upcoming game Call of Champions is getting a new closed beta… starting today!

Call of Champions is a next-generation MOBA specifically designed for mobile devices and exciting five-minute gameplay sessions, empowering players to enjoy fast-paced competitive matches on the go. Featuring intense three-on-three battles, Call of Champions distills traditional MOBA elements to their core components while simultaneously introducing unique game mechanics and a colorful cast of 15 distinguished Champions. Spacetime Studios recently recruited professional gamers James “PhantomL0rd” Varga, Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani and Stephen “Snoopeh” Ellis to help hone the game’s mechanics and fine-tune champion balance for an unmatched real-time strategic experience on mobile.

Interested folks can sign up for an opportunity to take part in the beta at; per the press release, folks who register and share a unique link with friends will get some unique in-game goodies.

To celebrate, we also get a new trailer:

[via COC Website]

Heroes of Order & Chaos Celebrates First Anniversary With An Update

Heroes of Order & Chaos Celebrates First Anniversary With An Update

Dec 16, 2013

Heroes of Order & Chaos 3

The pioneer of Dota-like multiplayer action-rpg, or MOBA, for Android has been released a year ago, and to commemorate it, there’s new content awaiting the players. There are two new heroes: Evistix, the Bone Stalker, and Nuutt, the Child of the Forest, six new tablets, and 11 new items. The game is available for free here: Heroes of Order & Chaos on Google Play.

Heroes of Order & Chaos Review

Heroes of Order & Chaos Review

Dec 19, 2012

Battle arena games are all the rage. They offer the gameplay of other style games but add a different aspect; other live people controlling the opponents. Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. This means victory is not dependent on one person’s skills, it’s a group effort.

After the initial tutorial is completed, a Gameloft account needs to be created or signed into. There isn’t much to be done until signed in. By signing in to a Gameloft account or creating one, of reward of 1000 amulets is received. Of the rewards are available by signing into Facebook and returning daily to play Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Three vs. three and five vs. five battles can be be fought in two modes. The solo mode where it’s one player controlled character and to computer-controlled characters or the other option is to have three player controlled characters. Along with the daily rewards, there are also daily quests. In the quests require multiple battles to achieve.

Like any game in a middle-age style setting, there’s quite the array of mythical beasts, magic, potions and lots of other imaginary things going on. While a battle is going on if a character dies, they are automatically respawn after a few seconds. The graphics are pretty good considering it’s an overhead view and there’s not a lot of detail needed. Some of the characters are pretty small.

The controls for Heroes of Order & Chaos are pretty easy to use. There is a directional pad in the bottom left corner of the screen to control the movement of the main hero. To the right side of the screen, there are several spells, a map and also the hero’s health bar.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is the type of game that will require quite a bit of time. As players get better, there are level ups that let the characters fight harder enemies making it more fun. Also see online multiplayer aspect of the game makes it more likely to play quite frequently and often.