Mobie Review

Mobie Review

Oct 23, 2013

Sometimes we all need a little help keeping things in working condition. I have my boiler looked at every couple of years. My car seems to need constant servicing. My phone? I don’t really think too much about my phone. It seems to be working fine. Surely that’s all there is to it?

Well, Mobie looks to make sure your phone isn’t just working, but that it’s working as best as it possibly can. Mobie has a few tricks up its sleeve to make sure it’s as useful as possible. This doesn’t happen straight away though. Mobie has to learn a little about you first.

That’s right, Mobie spends the first 7 days on your phone quietly watching how you use your phone. It’ll pick up on patterns of use and react accordingly. For example, as soon as I leave my home, Mobie knows to turn off my phone’s Wi-Fi. As soon as I turn up at work, however, it’ll turn it back on as it knows that I can connect to my employer’s Wi-Fi.Mobie4

Another habit it picked up on was the fact I never use Bluetooth devices. I admit, it wouldn’t take a genius to work that out, but credit where it’s due to Mobie. It soon learned a few of my phone-using habits.

All of this ‘learning’ wouldn’t be for much if it didn’t make a noticeable difference to how the phone works. This is no doubt the point at which other people’s mileage with this app may differ. I personally didn’t see too great of an improvement in my phone’s battery usage. To be fair, Mobie did claim that my phone was in ‘great’ condition and I also don’t use my phone a great deal during the day. (I work in a school. If I used my phone during lessons it would cause a black-hole of hypocrisy)

One feature I did like was the fact that Mobie would politely alert you to anything it deemed ‘out of the ordinary’. If a particular app is running for longer than usual or if you’re using more Wi-Fi than you normally do, you’ll get a message. This can be handy for those of us that accidentally leave apps running all day. I know others do it, it can’t just be me.

Other than that, Mobie offers a few other features, some useful and others less so. For example, Mobie can clear out temporary files stored on your phone. Exactly how important it is to clear out a few Kbs of these files, I don’t know. Even less useful has to be the built in ‘Do you know’ feature that asks you questions about how your phone has been doing the past week. ‘How often has your phone run out of power this week?’ Who cares?

All in all, Mobie is an easy to use app though just how useful it is will depend on how you use your phone and how much battery the app can save you. The inclusion of a built in data usage meter, anti-virus protection and all round monitoring of your device means that Mobie is a no-brainer for Android owners.