Mobile Email Service Peek Returns as Android App

Mobile Email Service Peek Returns as Android App

Aug 8, 2012

Peek lives, continuing on its goal of pushing emails to anyone anywhere, now as an Android mail client.

Peek was formerly a set of devices that did one thing: email. They were sold contract-free, with $14.99/month service based on the T-Mobile network. The user community found email services that would allow them to expand the use of their devices to tweet, get directions, and search the web through the traditional Peek software.

However, the devices went out of sale as users demanded more capable devices. Now Peek is back as a lightweight email client that is designed to push email to users’ devices. This works with any email account, and can send out push notifications for any email account, and has support for a unified inbox.

Even Gmail users might want to consider it, as Peek claims that their app uses 67% less data consumption than the native Gmail app does. There’s Exchange and ActiveSync support in an experimental capacity. Peek for Android is currently available as a free beta from Google Play.