Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gets Tactical Suits and New Multiplayer Map via Update

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Gets Tactical Suits and New Multiplayer Map via Update

Aug 20, 2015

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is getting new goodies via an update.

Customize Your Armor and Unlock Advanced Tactical Suits

Each class now wears a default armor
You can change the default armor with parts that belong to a tactical suit
All 4 suit parts are needed to unlock the full tactical suit & its 2 unique perks
Each class has a dedicated tactical suit that cannot be used on other classes
Get perks even if you don’t have the full tactical suit equipped
Masks grants special perks that are always active
Arms, Torso and Legs offer armor bonus

New Multiplayer Map: Vantage

A medium sized map set in an urban battleground designed for both close combat and long range firefights

Camos for Body Armors

Apply camos to your class armor

Local Leader Boards

Compete in neighborhood leader boards with people in a 500m, 1km or 5km range

5 New Weapon Trinkets

Some content will unlock progressively, so not all update content is available immediately.

The new update is live now on Google Play.


[via Gameloft Presser] [Our Modern Combat 5: Blackout Review]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Review

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Review

Dec 21, 2012

When it comes to FPS games, Gameloft has game. The Modern Combat series continually brings some compelling gameplay to Android handsets. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour looks to continue that history.

The game opens up with two modes that will be familiar to fans of the franchise: Campaign and Multiplayer. I found four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. As usual, I was part of an elite team tasked with some tough wartime missions behind enemy lines.

The graphics were beautiful, but I refuse to wave my hands in admiration too long; sorry Gameloft… we expect that from you now. Still, I was impressed by the visual texture. The scenes looked like, well, war scenes. It was very reflective of the carnage one would expect to see, with splashing sand and whizzing projectiles. I liked the attention to detail; the designers were careful to iron out specifics like perspective and angles.

The gameplay worked well, with basic instructions coming via communications from team leaders. I could switch weaponry by simply picking up discarded funds. Running, crouching and reloading accompanied the shooting and sights controls; the ubiquitous direction button was also there. I found the game to be fairly intuitive in that it was easy to figure out and it made sense. Depending on level of play, I had a limited amount of damage I could sustain before succumbing to the injuries. Shooting was also realistically portrayed, and aiming assistance was something that could be toggled from settings.

There were plenty of missions, which meant that there was plenty of opportunities to get addicted — even before the multiplayer option and its embedded leaderboards.

The game was quite vibrant, but it did freeze on me at times, which was not fun; I know this is not unheard of on today’s devices, but when the enemy is strafing me, I cannot bear to get kicked out.

What can I say? I liked this game. It packs a punch, has multiplayer capabilities and is mostly well designed.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review

May 3, 2012

Games about war are always popular. In this genre, the more realistic the action the more popular it becomes. Modern Combat 3 is a about as good as it gets for war action game on Android devices.

The controls are a bit tricky at first. Initially using the touchscreen for the d-pad wasn’t so accurate for me. I think the problem is that it is floating. When I get too close to the edge of the screen, the player can’t move in a direction. In the settings menu, The main directional controls can be changed to virtual sticks. That way the controls are visible all the time. The buttons for things like sprint or interact could be a little larger. When playing the game sometimes the action is pretty fast paced and it is easy to pay attention to the action and possibly missing them. In the customize tab of the settings menu, the directional controls can be where they are more easily accessed based on playing style. While in the customization screen, the other icons can also be moved to a spot where they are not blocked from view by active fingers, something I liked a lot.

The graphics are great. Modern Combat 3 has the look of something expected on a PS3 or Xbox. There are a lot of details in not only in the cut scenes, but also in the game. It isn’t like some games where the scenes are awesome and the game is decent. Both the cut scenes and the game have similar quality graphics.

The single player mode is a campaign-style game. The story starts with a terrorist plot to do further do harm to a war on US soil. As the game progresses more weapons are available and the difficulty increases. Multiplayer mode has 2 choices of playing with a group; online or over a local wi-fi network. When playing online, connection to a wi-fi network is required for speed reasons. Another must is a Gameloft account. This is how they keep track of stats and purchases.

Like many Gameloft games, as the game progresses money or coins are collected to buy items like ammo and body armor or pay for upgrades to weapons. There is also an option to spend real money to get game money. 25,000 gold coins is $1.99 USD. Some of the purchases possible are selecting a weapons kit or add to the default guns and grenades. Additions to the kits are different scopes or sights, different ammo extended mags and more.

There are different game types within each mode. for example, in Quick Match, some of the modes to choose from are Battle, Team Battle, Capture the Flag Manhunt as well as a few others. A nice touch to the online player profile is the ability to make a unique kill signature. This is what displays on the opponent’s screen when they are killed. The gameplay was quicker than a lot of games which is both good and bad. I would suggest playing the campaign for a bit until the game seems easier then venture into the multiplayer modes to play with strangers.

I have been a fan of games for consoles like Splinter Cell, the Metal Gear series and Modern Warfare series for a while. It’s great to have a similar game on Android.