Friday Free Game Rundown September 14th

Friday Free Game Rundown September 14th

Sep 14, 2012

Many activities out there not necessarily considered sports. Some of these activities are considered more hobbies than anything else. However, the people that participate in these activities get really, really into them. some of the activities are variations on other activities such as modified car racing instead of a more popular kind of racing like NASCAR. Other activities have more of a cult following like beer pong. As luck would have it, all of these have their own Android game.

Racing cars: modified car

Growing up around cars, it was pretty common to see a lot of modified classic cars. Many these cars have upgraded engines and transmissions. Modified cars come in all shapes and sizes, be it classic cars or European cars or Japanese models. Each of these styles have their own unique look, feel and modifications. These cars also cost a lot of money to customize. Not everybody has that kind of money, so they can piece together digital cars right on an Android phone for a lot less. Racing cars: modified car is a pretty simple jigsaw puzzle game where piecing together a cool looking car is the objective. There’s also a great gallery shown some really, really need modified vehicles.

Download Racing cars: modified car

Air Hockey

Air hockey is a really fun game. Trying to get the hang of the physics is the hardest part. When the maneuvers are mastered, wiping out any opponent will be a breeze. While multiplayer mode isn’t available on all devices, the computer-generated player is difficult as the levels go on. This game is just like the real thing minus all the sounds of the arcade or bowling alley.

Download Air Hockey

Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch

fishing is kind of like golf, it’s great when it’s being used to just relax or things are going really well. When they’re not, it’s a horrible, frustrating sport. Gone Fishing has a bunch of in game achievements, different lures, and rods to try out. Scenery is awesome just like what you expect if out a real lake.

DownloadGone Fishing: Trophy Catch

Beer Pong HD

Some people don’t think beer pong is a sport. Try going on a college campus or high school party and telling them that. Some people are actually quite good. Even though it’s a drinking game, it still takes a lot of skill especially when the alcohol starts kicking in. While beer is optional in this Android game, you can help keep the skills in tip top shape for the next party.

Download Beer Pong HD

Diesel Pulling Challenge

Truck pulls are actually a very, very involved sports. There a lot of things to take into consideration such as physics the ground conditions and sheer horsepower of the truck. Some people might think it’s more of a redneck sport but there is a lot of engineering involved. While playing the game upgrades are available to pull farther. Online play is also available.

Download Diesel Pulling Challenge