Hotel Mogul Review

Hotel Mogul Review

Sep 21, 2010

Hotel Mogul surprised me. I’ve never liked “Simcity” style games, and a game entirely dedicated to building fake hotels sounded boring. I read the comments on the Android Market, and there were several words repeated:

“Worth the money!”
“Stuck on level…”

Really? A game dedicated to hotels was that good?

After three days of playing, I’d have to agree. I’ve played it on car rides, during movies, and on my back in bed. I’ve played this game a lot.

Hotel Mogul places you as the unseen helper to the protagonist, Lynette. Lynette is in charge of the ridiculously named development company, “The Golden Company,” until (cue muted trumpet) her husband cheats on her with her best friend, and divorces her. He then proceeds to steal the company from her.

What should you do, as her dedicated friend? Of course, you help her build her own company, from the ground-up, and teach that no-good cheater a thing-or-two.

To begin with, Lynette guides you through the building, selling, and building again of several campgrounds. The gameplay is slow to begin, but within a few levels, you’ll be franticly selling, buying, improving, fixing, collecting, and demolishing real estate. Soon I was raking in millions, and feeling rather accomplished. I wish making money in the real world were this easy!

The game has a somewhat strange side-story, involving the Lynette-love-triangle, complete with comic-book style storyboards and a mini-game involving collecting scattered pictures of her cheating husband. Don’t ask. I didn’t get that either.

The graphics of the game are pretty phenomenal. As you watch a hotel being built, construction crews helicopter in supplies, tiny cars drive the highways, water flows through the streams, and more. The detail is impressive.

This game is not very easy to learn, but after a few levels, you’ll get the hang of it. The best part of the game is that it actually uses real principles of real estate selling and buying. Playing the game actually feels like you’re accomplishing something, and that is important for maintaining a player’s interest.

There is a demo version of the game, so try it out. Don’t give up if you don’t understand what you’re doing at the start. You’ll get it. If you like this type of “fast-paced-simcity” game, then Hotel Mogul won’t disappoint.