Foap Launches Android App, Unveils Motorola-Sponsored User Contest

Foap Launches Android App, Unveils Motorola-Sponsored User Contest

Mar 12, 2015

Foap is an interesting initiative that allows photographers of any and every ability potentially monetize their snaps with entities looking for authentic image captures. Now, Foap is launching a brand new app for Android users, sponsored by Motorola.

Turning your photos into real money. Simple as that. Just foap it! Upload your smartphone photos from apps like Instagram, Eyeem, Flickr and more.

*Sell your photos through Foap Market
*Sell photos through Foap Missions to brands like Mastercard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka
*Create your own web portfolio easily accessible for buyers
*Explore beautiful photos from all around the world
*Get feedback on your photos from other Foapers
*Photo upload right from your phone
*No upload limits
*PayPal integration for cashouts
*Amazing community of truly passionate photographers
*The best way to make money out of your passion
Foap is free. Each photo costs $10 and the photographer gets $5. A photo can be sold an unlimited amount of times! Foap Mission rewards start from $100.

Almost cooler is the fact that Motorola is launching a contest to celebrate the new app:

To celebrate the new app, Motorola is running a Foap Mission titled “For the Love of Android” seeking creative photos of users’ “Android moments,” whether it’s photos taken with Android devices or even pictures of the Android robot! The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize, second and third place will each be awarded a Moto X smartphone and fourth and fifth place winners will each receive a Moto 360 watch.

Folks can sign up for the contest via the app.

[Source: Foap Announcement]

PapayaMobile and Tapjoy Announce New Social Marketplace

PapayaMobile and Tapjoy Announce New Social Marketplace

Nov 18, 2011

PapayaMobile and Tapjoy are coming together to expand the reach of both of their products, through what they are calling a Social Marketplace.

How it will work is by leveraging an important part of each’s services to improve the other. Tapjoy’s service incentivizes app downloads in games by offering in-game rewards for downloads. What the Social Marketplace will do is utilize recommendations based on Papaya friends, so games that are more in line with the user’s tastes and with what their friends are playing will be prominently featured. The companies claim that this will allow consumers to see more relevant ads that are targeted for them, and developers will see better engagement and monetization from these users.

According to Mihir Shah, CEO of Tapjoy, “Our entire business is built around delivering as much value to consumers as possible, and clearly there’s considerable value in helping them discover new games based on what their friends are playing. PapayaMobile’s social network has the scale and reach, particularly across the U.S. and China, to help make our ads further targeted and more engaging for users.”

Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile had similar favorable things to say about Tapjoy. ““Tapjoy is the industry leader when it comes to ad networks that deliver proven, effective distribution and monetization. By teaming with Tapjoy for a Social Marketplace, we’ll be able to offer game developers the very best advertising solution.”

The push for advertisement monetization on Android will likely be important for Tapjoy, especially as opportunities are reduced on iOS. Their service of incentivized app installs was shut down by Apple a while back, and recently, Temple Run was removed from the App Store by Apple for their incentivized video ads. Google is far less restrictive on these policies, and thus this could allow the platform to thrive as an alternate source of monetization for free apps.