Gmail App Adds Ability to Send Money

Gmail App Adds Ability to Send Money

Mar 16, 2017

It has been possible to send money via Gmail on the web; now the process gets a mobile touch-up with the latest update to Gmail for Android.

Now, according to the Google Play changelog, it is possible to send money to recipients in the app. To get the option, one need only tap the attachment symbol when composing an email, and then selecting “Send money” from the options.

Google Wallet is invoked, and one can get the money to the folks that need it after the amount is entered. One can also tack on a note if so desired.

As such, it seems as though Google Wallet setup is needed, but it might be a small price to pay for the convenience for some folks.

Gmail remains free on Google Play.

Level Money gets Update That Adds Level Goals and Refreshed Theme.

Level Money gets Update That Adds Level Goals and Refreshed Theme.

Jun 6, 2014

Level Money has added a new feature to its Android money app Level Money.

The new feature, Level Goals, will help users define and measure goals from within the app. It keys in on savings, and encourages users to assign a percentage of income to a savings pot. With Level Goals, they can set up saving goals for specific events, like a summer vacation.

The new updates also features a redesigned theme. Level CEO and Co-Founder Jake Fuentes mentions the design concept. “The hardest part of savings is getting started. The second-hardest part is actually sticking with your plan,” he says. “With Level Goals, we have created the easiest, simplest way to start saving and make progress, automatically. We draw a straight line from everyday decisions to long-term achievement. Just set a goal, monitor your everyday spending, and achieve balance. It’s as simple as that.”

Level Money is a personal financial app that links to bank accounts and provides a mobile snapshot of current finances. The app is available on the Play Store for free.

10 Cents Money Manager is a Highly-Customizable Expense Tracking App

10 Cents Money Manager is a Highly-Customizable Expense Tracking App

Sep 11, 2012

There's really no excuse to not use a budget tracking app nowadays. Says the guy who doesn't use one. "I'll figure it out!" doesn't quite work as well as a motto when the credit card bill comes in. However, 10 Cents – Money Manager wants to make it extremely easy to manage money on Android.

The app can be best described as a basic framework for tracking money that is then extensively customizable to an individual's needs. Expenses and income can be tracked in individual accounts, and charged to various categories. The app lists and tracks on a monthly basis. It's not hard to add in customized categories, subcategories, and individual expense and income accounts to make this an easy app to use for tracking expenses the way the user wants to. Pie charts of expenses and incomes can be easily viewed, for a visual look at how one's money is being spent.

Plus, the app makes it extremely easy to use on tablets and on 4.x devices with its optimizations. Maybe now I'll finally have a good idea of how and where I'm spending my money, since it's this easy now! 10 Cents – Money Manager is available for free from Google Play.