Monochrome – Shooter/Labyrinth Review

Monochrome – Shooter/Labyrinth Review

Mar 4, 2014

Don’t take Monochrome – Shooter/Labyrinth Review too, too literally.

It’s a first person shooter crafted around the backstory of the abduction of several women — one of whom is the player’s wife, which, raises the urgency level.

This game gets its heartbeat from the intricate artwork; it’s mostly bathed in blacks and whites, with an ominous dash of red for effect. The area to be searched has uniquely designed walls that conceal objects… as well as some spooky dangers. Overall, the artwork conveys a palpable sense of foreboding and is quite well done.

The labyrinth in which the adventure takes place is a confusing mass of walkways, rooms and dead ends. As noted, it has a first-person perspective, and the hero husband is decked out with a re-loadable pistol and a cutesy compass. The mono1controls are mostly spread around the bottom, with a general movement toggle to the left, and a button to “swing” eyesight round on the right, along with the firing button and reload utility.

The lighting is challenging, presenting mostly darkness only pierced by what seems to be something like an unseen miners hardhat light. Early on, the player is treated to huge spiders, which are the main antagonists in this game. They materialize seemingly out of the walls, lumber around and are unnerving in their lethality. The gun is effective against them but require a degree of aiming accuracy and multiple hits. Letting them get too close and getting some licks in leads to game death. Getting through them, brings a sense of satisfaction, but this game incorporate some arcade elements, so beware of the boss creatures.

Searching and discovery is the name of the game, and patience and awareness are key. The gameplay is leveled, with success opening new levels.

I feel the control set can be tweaked for smoothness. A better mapping system could be useful too, but all in all, it is that type of game that keeps one quite engaged, and wonderfully priced.