Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire

Jun 3, 2013

Devastating news: you’ve probably been playing Monopoly all wrong. No need to fret though; Monopoly Millionaire is made for the rebel within us.

Monopoly is a generational landmark. The game that Parker Brothers immortalized embodies its own gameplay remarkably well: its humble beginnings and explosive popularity practically tell the story. In this modern day version (an electronic port of a physical reboot of the classic version), the story is tweaked a little, but the fable mostly remains recognizable.

One tweak I liked was that the dollar values were adjusted to better reflect current values, as anyone who has mono1ruefully dropped $2 in rent can attest to this. Also, there are new luck (fortune) cards, and the missing utilities and railroads contract the board a bit, so it took a little bit of adjustment to do dice roll counts in my head. Also of interest was the Pass Go upgrade mechanism, which allows tokens to be spruced up with cash.

The biggest difference is the format. Instead of a war of attrition, Monopoly Millionaire is a race to a financial goal, in this case $1 million. Thus, gambles and deals are highly encouraged.

The general look is remarkably similar to the original. Properties are laid out by color, and though the names are different, the colors followed the original setup with regards to placement. The jail exists in all its animated glory, and, like that, just about everything is similarly jazzed up. Every landing is an event, with an explosion of animated stars occurring at particular junctures.

The portion that I really like is the multiplayer functionality. With this, games can be played with opponents on different devices via local wi-fi. This is in addition to the pass and play option on the same device for multiple players.

As an added bonus, the bling-y Monopoly Millionaire Live Wallpaper is cool, though, like all live wallpapers, it taxes battery life.

As far as reboots to classics go, this is a compelling one. The option set makes it an enjoyable diversion.