Monster Shooter 2 Review

Monster Shooter 2 Review

Aug 7, 2013

Yep, DumDum is back… and, he is all about saving the earth in the shooter better known as Monster Shooter 2.

It has the requisite dual control system generally seen in this type of game, and that is ALWAYS welcome.I liked the whimsical nature of the game, especially as reflected in the graphics. The characters looked lively, and this is a testament to the game’s artwork. This genre lives and dies by the animations, and this game does feel alive. The firing protagonist moves as naturally as a monster can be expected to, and so do the waves of baddies. The background uses color effectively too.monster1

The gameplay is quick and furious, with the game employing waves of different type of monsters to keep players on their toes. The monsters pop out all around the place, which is why the controls for the game are especially important. The leftmost button handles movement, while the right button controls. The built-in tutorial is great; it does throw a lot of information at you, but it is done in a visual way that makes it easy to pick up. It explains the gameplay and the upgrade system. In short, move, shoot and don’t get corned. Rinse and repeat till the waves are vanquished.

The game store is a huge part of success at this game. The aliens that make up the enemy have special attributes as the game advances, and to match them, it is necessary to upgrade gear. This is wear collected tokens become extremely important. The game sports leaderboards and Facebook compatibility, and the ability to give presents to friends is definitely a cool feature.

My biggest complaint has to do with the visuals. There were times I thought the screen got a bit too, well, busy. The controls and such did take up some real estate, too.

Still, for a sequel, it is a pleasant revisiting, and plenty of fun.

Monster Shooter Review

Monster Shooter is a fast-paced shooting game with fun graphics and interesting game play. Shooting games are always a challenge for me, since I never quite hit the right buttons — but this game seems to agree with my novice fingers, and I’m still playing it to this day.

The game’s rule is simple: kill or be killed. The hero has to defend himself (or itself) from a host of monsters coming from all sides, equipped with the most basic of weapons. The playing area is fixed, so the hero can only move around a limited area while shooting down monsters. One of the main things to do to avoid getting killed is to remember to maintain enough distance from the enemies and give the hero an escape route, no matter how small.

There are three game modes: story, survival, and lost levels. Story requires completing a progression of levels, while survival allows for unlimited playing time. The lost levels is available as an in-app purchase.

Within the confines of the war zone, power-ups and health regeneration items are neatly tucked away in a few corners. One has to wait for the right time to use these, as using them too early (or too late) can mean a world of difference. When some monsters are killed, they emit cash, which the hero should immediately grab otherwise it disappears. Dead monsters also emit orbs (little blue glowing lights) that the hero can collect to regenerate health.

Halfway into the game, a Perks icon pops up on the top left corner of the screen. When pressed, this pauses the game and gives the player several added hero powers including better health regeneration, faster reloading, and increased enemy damage. This is especially useful in the early stages of the game when the hero is not well-equipped with any added fire power.

Game controls are set in two modes: manual and auto aiming. Both have their own pros and cons, so it’s just a matter of preference. I find that auto aiming works better because I don’t have to navigate the hero too much for him to start shooting.

Weapons and other items are offered in the shop, but they’re pretty expensive and it will take time to buy any of them if one doesn’t purchase more monster cash from the Play Store. As an alternative, the app does offer cash when you download other apps.

Performance is quite okay with this game, although it seems to load slower when the device isn’t connected to the Internet. It’s possible this is caused by ads which load around the same time. This game is ad-supported, so be prepared to get banner pop-ups while navigating in and out the game menus.

Monster Shooter is not just any other shooting game. With its highly entertaining trailers and graphics, flexible game modes and controls, and helpful power-ups, it’s hard not to like it just because it has a few quirks. Anyone giving this a spin would agree that it’s definitely worth the download.