MOTOACTV Rooted; Becomes First Wristwatch Capable of Playing “Angry Birds”

MOTOACTV Rooted; Becomes First Wristwatch Capable of Playing “Angry Birds”

Dec 27, 2011

When the MOTOACTV was announced, I speculated about the potential of a wristwatch-sized Android device. Well, now, hackers have figured out how to root the MOTOACTV, Motorola’s wrist-wearable Android device. Chris Wade of got his hands on the device and immediately set out to root it and install a stock version of Android on it – which he accomplished in short order. On his website, he provides files and instructions on how to root the device, and to get set up with stock Android on it. He managed to get Honeycomb set up on it, which is funny because the OS has been designed to run on screen sizes bigger than phones; now, it’s available on a screen a fraction of the size. Still, it’s a full-fledged Android device, supporting the Android Market, even games like Angry Birds. Still, it’s on a 1.6″ screen so it’s probably not the ideal experience, but it’s the most comfortable wrist-based Angry Birds experience on the market. Now is the time for wristwatch-friendly apps!

Motorola Announces Droid RAZR Phone and MOTOACTV Android-Powered Fitness Watch

Some things in life are mysteries, never to be deciphered by mankind. The latest unsolvable engima? Why Motorola decided that the day before the Galaxy Nexus was a good day to unveil their latest Android devices. But, Motorola did unveil two new devices on October 18th, and cover them we shall!

First up is the Droid RAZR. Yes, the RAZR is back, raised from the dead for Motorola’s latest Droid phone. It features a 4.3″ 960×540 screen, with an 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video recording, LTE support, 16 GB internal storage, and 1 GB of RAM. The phone currently runs Gingerbread, and lacks NFC, both of which are lacking in comparison to the Galaxy Nexus. Apparently the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility hasn’t had much of an effect yet in terms of Motorola getting leads on Android hardware and software. It sounds like an impressive set of hardware, but it still was topped by Google and Samsung 12 hours later.

The device that could really be interesting, however, is the MOTOACTV. This is a wristwatch-esque device that is basically designed to compete with the iPod nano. It comes with 8 or 16GB of storage, runs on Android, and is primarily designed for fitness usage. It can also be used to control Android phones via an app that will be made available on the Android Market. It can be used to answer calls (when paired with a Bluetooth headset), and receive text messages. This is the kind of thing that the Android customization community could make great use of, to help make it run apps focused on the smaller screen, and to increase the level of interaction it has with connected devices.

While the Droid RAZR sounds like it will be a high-quality phone, albeit not exactly top-of-the-line. However, the MOTOACTV sounds like the device to really get interested about for its connectivity and portability potential.