Motoheroz Review

Motoheroz Review

Feb 14, 2014

Motoheroz has made its way to Android.

The gameplay comes in two generalized versions: One Shot, which exists to perpetuate leaderboard bragging rights, and Career, that highlights prowess over extended levels. In the latter version, finishing a level with a star (more on this later) opens up future levels. There are eleven environments (with another “coming soon”) and each environment is broken down into said levels. Social network sign-up is necessary to take part in the One Shot series.

Racing starts off in familiar 2D platform style, with vehicles going left to right in a time trial of sorts. In Career Mode, the car “races” against a blue shadow vehicle that more or less paces the “real vehicle.” Now, an interesting wrinkle in this gameplay is that, in addition to left-right racing, in some levels, it is necessary to actually double back and complete the time trial zipping along back towards where the trial started from.

The control mechanism is extremely important, and almost equally atypical. It uses a bank of virtual controls. On themoto1 right are a pair of buttons that control direction to the left or right; as such, if using the one to accelerate the vehicle in any direction, the opposite button slows it down, stops it and eventually makes it go the other way. To the left are a couple of balance buttons. The one dips the vehicle forward by raising the back wheels, and the other lifts the hood/bonnet up by dipping the back wheels. These buttons are especially useful when the vehicle is airborne. Going up a steep hill too fast, for example, launches the vehicle much it might look in real life, with the vehicle struggling to land evenly. These balance buttons help adjust the car to prevent bad landings.

At the end of the day, speed is the name of the game. performance earns coins which can be used to upgrade vehicle attributes. Gold can be collected on the track, but the best hauls occur when starts are earned. Every level is rated thus, and stars mark achievement. For example, making specific time thresholds or beating the pace car earns some nice payouts and unlock the the next level.

There is an in-app purchase system, but it is quite straightforward; for a single price, the vehicle can be completely upgraded.

All in all, it is a well done port, with slick graphics and addictive, easy-to-understand gameplay.