Moto X Mayhem Review

Moto X Mayhem Review

Oct 7, 2011

If the sound of a revved-up motorcycle engine and the thrill of daring stunts is what you crave, prepare for excitement! Moto X Mayhem presents a pulse-quickening dirt bike ride on the wild side as you attempt to climb craggy cliffs and blindly descend from dizzying heights without breaking your neck.

Now, I should point out that the gameplay in Moto X Mayhem is nothing new. Basically, you’re riding a dirt bike as fast as you can over a series of tough, natural obstacles, attempting to set a record time without crashing. You control not only the speed of your bike but its rotation as you tilt back and forth in an effort to do everything from get more air, more distance, or land on uneven terrain without crashing. Again, it’s very similar to a lot of Flash-based browser games, but in the convenience of an app for your phone and with a few nice features thrown in to make it more fun.

As you progress through the game, running through each level, you’ll find them broken up into several smaller sections which present you with a wide variety of challenges. Some sections feature a mostly uphill climb, even going completely vertical at some points. Others will have you diving off cliffs, hoping you land properly without crashing into a pit or landing on a steep incline and being thrown off the bike. Each section is just a little more difficult than the last, giving you a challenge you might not be able to meet, even on the easiest of levels. Even so, the game is a lot of fun.

The ragdoll physics are great, and it’s pretty funny to see your character tumble, roll, slide and crumple into a pile after a bad wreck. It’s a good thing that the crashes are fun to watch, because you’ll be doing it fairly often.

One of the great things about Moto X Mayhem is that the developers had the foresight to feature more than one control scheme, giving you the option of either using the default “tilt” controls or switching to the touch-based “analog” and “digital” controls which might be more comfortable. However, I did find that even the touch controls were somewhat unresponsive, at times.

While Moto X Mayhem is a lot of fun and the challenge level is such that you’ll probably be stuck on the same section for a while, it is somewhat of a short game. You could probably beat this game in a few hours, depending on your dedication. Thankfully, there’s “practice” mode, which allows you to play any section of any level as often as you like. Therefore, even after you’ve finished the main game, you can still go back and try your favorite sections again without going through the whole game.

If you’ve been looking for an action-packed game with fun physics and skill-challenging courses to race through, Moto X Mayhem is going to keep you on the edge of your seat.