Bracketron Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount Hardware Review

Bracketron Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount Hardware Review

Aug 10, 2015

When it comes to mobile accessories, few names resonate like Bracketron; its Mi-T Grip Smartphone Mount is just the type of tool one would love to add to one’s accessory arsenal.

The review unit that Bracketron sent highlights the product in retail form; getting it out of the packet unveils the two pieces that make up the mount: a ball joint fused with suction-sticky attachment surface, and then an adjustable clip that fits intuitively onto the ball joint with the help of a tightening screw. When the latter is snapped onto the former, one gets a homogeneous solution, made of hard plastic and coming in all black. It is almost diminutive and feels solidly built.

Usage is easy to glean; all one needs to do is position the unit on glass or dash by taking off the protective sheet and wetting the attaching side. Then, with the use of the press-down clip, the unit is able to achieve a firm hold on the surface.

The jaws of the clip can be extended to fit over devices width-wise up to 3.5 inches; the ball joint allows the user to manipulate the clip along an axis, such that the attached device can be moved to a perfect angle. Altogether, it is easy to get it going, and it does work well on the aforementioned dash or windshield.


With regards to usability, it just works. It’s small profile makes it easy to tote around, and when in use, it isn’t too bothersome. Removing it is equally as easy, and the ability to using it on several types of surfaces (in the home office, for example) is definitely a plus.

One gripe I have is the difficulty in placing the device in the jaws one-handed. The firm grip comes at a price, and it’s easier to use two hands to manipulate it.

Overall, it does its stated job equitably, and it’s pricing ($20.74 on Amazon) is attractive too.

Not bad for just another day at the accessory office for Bracketron.

Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Mount Hardware Review

Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Mount Hardware Review

Aug 11, 2014

I “discovered” smartphone-based GPS a while back; the ability to have mobile, ad-hoc voice directions, albeit reliant on cellular signal, was invaluable, and since I was frequently on the road headed to new locations, it became one of the most important features on my device. I have never had to rely on a standalone unit, and even when not driving, mobile GPS has been a lifesaver more than once.

Driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a phone isn’t especially safe or effective though, so — cue the “accessorize the ultimate accessory” music — we get to see potentially multidisciplinary tools like the Arkon Deluxe Mini Windshield/Dashboard Sticky Suction Mount (MG279) become prime players.


We received the review unit in simple, mostly clear packaging that shows of the components: Mobile Grip 2 Universal Smartphone Holder, an optional Sticky Mounting piece, the swivel adjustment ring, an adhesive disk along with diagrammed paperwork. The core piece is made of hard plastic, with a spring mechanism at the bottom. It feels well crafted, is fairly durable and the diagrams show how easy it is to assemble.

In practice, the mount works well enough on smooth interiors and glass/windshields. The device holder portion provides a good grip, and the adjustable nature allows for a host of devices to be used with it; it can comfortably hold devices that are up to 3.6″ wide, which means it can even handle some of the more popular phablets. Shaking it vigorously did not dislodge the devices. The suction part works as most do, by pressing on the activating button to create a vacuum seal that works quite well. With some practice, I was able to manipulate the unit with one hand, which is a bonus.


The mounting plate allows for the suction cup to be used on other surfaces; I let it cure for 48 hours to be safe, though it only asks for 24. The bond created is quite strong, and it pairs with the suction cup seamlessly. the swivel adjustment ring is a smart piece that helps tighten the angles, and the rotation of the holder is quite useful and well-thought out. The holder can also be used with standard tripods.

A longer (maybe adjustable?) neck could probably make it more effective, but to be fair, Arkon’s penchant for using common components across several solutions and the 2-yr warranty make this specific tool hard to pass up. I suspect a lot of folks would see the price ($19.99 via the Arkon website) and become even more enamored of this effective piece of kit that can be used on the road… and elsewhere.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: SNAP!

Crowdfunding Spotlight: SNAP!

Mar 26, 2014

I think everyone would agree that smartphone can be the most amazing and the most frustrating pieces of technology. Great for train rides, and yet not so suitable for bike rides. Sure, there are mounts for bikes, cars, tables, strollers, and almost every other applications, but these are all very specific products that are rarely inexpensive and might not always fit all devices perfectly. One of the problems with this is that there is no case or accessory that has some sort of standard coupling mechanism. By employing this the costs of all these mounts would be dramatically decreased because the worry of securing the phone would effectively be solved.

But where would such a device come from? Why, KickStarter of course. Welcome the SNAP!, a universal mounting system that is putting its chips on the logic that a strong ecosystem is the recipe to long term success. Of course a solid product is still essential and that is exactly what SNAP! delivers. The female connector can adhere to any device via a super strong 3M adhesive and all the other components can easily just snap into place. These accessories can be as large and creative as camera stands and car mounts or as simple as a money clip or headphone wrap.

The creators of SNAP! have made clear that community input will be vital into deciding which securing accessories are made first, and because effectively only the base of the mount is being produced these should be cheaper than competing products who have to also include the cost of the phone case. I can really see this project taking off and becoming something that could potentially in a few years become an industry standard. The project is being lead by three extraordinary inventors and developers who have plenty of industry experience and are more than capable of guiding this project to the promised land of tech accessories.

In conclusion, please give their KickStarter page a visit, because more-so than just being a worthy project, SNAP! is a product that could really change the way we use our smart devices.

KickStarter Spotlight: F.U.M.M.

KickStarter Spotlight: F.U.M.M.

May 29, 2013

Start looking around KickStarter for a while, especially in the smartphone section, and one thing becomes apparent. People are really working hard at making the next great smartphone holder. I could go a long time doing these KickStarter spotlight on different projects that, with varying degrees of adherence, will grip tight to iPhone and Android alike. But, today we have picked out one of the best, and seeing as it is such a popular topic that has been mostly avoided it was due. What I was most looking for was a high degree of flexibility; both in the variety of phones it can hold, and the amount of different positions it can hold said phone. This week our spotlight shines on a simple and incredibly versatile device that goes by the acronym of FUMM. While it probably is not the sexiest product name, it stands for Flexible Universal Mobile Mount, which could not be any more accurate.

The mount looks great; being made of two black pads connected by three hard, malleable tubes. On both ends are two magical silicon nano suction pads that incredibly grip to any flat, clean surface without any adhesive or tricky positioning. This works by using millions of tiny suction cups instead of the typical single, large one. The connecting tubes are designed to hold their shape for an extended period of time and the project’s page details how exacting the developer has been about obtaining the correct product from suppliers.


While I do not regularly use stands like these very often, I very easily could see myself using something like this every day. The FUMM is small enough to be easily stashed away because of it’s incredibly thinness, and it is not out of the question to place it in a back pocket for a while. My experience with those silicon nano suction pads has been hit-or-miss, but as long as the consumer is willing to clean it and keep expectations leveled there is no reason to believe they will be let down. If this product was on the market and I was forced into buying a stand I cannot see any reasons why I would not pick this up. What makes supporting their project even more enticing is that, for a limited time, pre-orders are only going for $30 which is $5 off a very reasonable market price. The FUMM seems to be well on its way to KickStarter success with more than $4,500 raised in just 4 days. As always, this project will only be funded if it is fully funded and with over $30,000 still to go every little bit helps.

KickStarter Spotlight: Velocity Clip

KickStarter Spotlight: Velocity Clip

Oct 31, 2012

Anyone who has ever done anything athletic has probably wished they had been able to catch that on camera from their point of view. Taking a bike ride down a mountain trail, surfing, or escaping the police on foot; all of these would generate some great first person video along with a pretty epic Facebook post. There are mounts out there for sure, even specialty cameras for this sort of thing, so what is the problem. The problem is that these are generally priced too high and are not flexible enough. Also, why buy a new video camera when most modern smartphones shoot in 1080p video anyway. The perfect harness would be something that was able to be placed on an array of locations as well as be able to securely clasp a majority of the vast world of smartphones. Fortunately, a gnarly duo from, where else, San Francisco has created just that. Meet the Velocity Clip; a phone harness that allows for excellent first-person video while holding nearly any smartphone with vault like security.

Looking for flexibility? It is a good thing the Velocity Clip can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body with its array of harnesses and clips. The best position is naturally on the chest but it can go anywhere including the head with an included mounting strap. Coming also is a third mount that contains a super powerful adhesive which is advertised to be able to stick to motorcycle helmets during high speeds. I am not sure who would trust their new S3 to that claim, and needless to say I am not quite sold there. Fortunately, the actual clasp that holds the phone looks quite well designed with two locking screws and a grip that is made from the same material as NFL receiver gloves. The clutch is easily expanded and can even support most point and shoot cameras as well as the ability to tilt up or down for an optimal shooting angle.

The asking price for the Velocity Clip is pretty ambitious but there is a reason for that. In order to make the whole package cost effective they have to run more product but by doing that their total cost is greater even though the cost per piece is less. So instead of running a typical 500 units and selling them for $80 they are trying to run 1200 units which would allow the Velocity Clip to be sold at a very reasonable $49 for three separate mounts.