Sniper Shot 3D Review

Sniper Shot 3D Review

Jan 26, 2018

Sniper Shot 3D: Call of Snipers‘ biggest attribute, possibly, is its simplicity.

The name lets you in on the game, in that it is a shooter. You get basic graphics, a bit stilted at times, but enough to convey the gameplay, along with varied backgrounds and action shot that blend in slow-motion sequences to catch the eye. The controls incorporate a dual thumb system, such that you can invoke the sights with the right side and shoot with the left.

It starts out as you basic sniper shooter; it is broken into levels, and each one has an objective. The first few help you get the basics down: how to zoom in, swing vision and the like, as well as advanced concepts like slowing down your breathing for a steadier shot. Accuracy means a lot, and as to be expected, head shots carry maximum value.

Missing a target means they might get startled, and run off, meaning that particular level is failed. Successfully completed missions yield scores, game currency and the unlocking of subsequent levels.

As for the levels, you’re generally tasked with taking out non-desirables in different scenarios: escaped prisoners, hostage situations and more. Weapon choice is important, and it is necessary to think of speed, because, for instance, the bad guys are going to hold off taking out innocent hostages for only so long. As you go on, you might need to unlock goodies and go for infinite shooting power-ups, because these get tougher the further in you get.


The game does well with regards to mission types and the gradient of difficulty; it keeps the action interesting by not being too one dimensional, and encouraging strategic play.

There are a few issues. In some areas, it even feels somewhat unfinished, like when the graphical sequences defy physics. Also, some of the action sequences might seem a bit callous to fold with Western sensibilities. Beyond the unnerving ickiness of sniper play to begin with, doing stuff like shooting fleeing baddies does feel a bit awkward at the very least.

In the end, it does the deed if one is looking for an engaging time waster, because it doesn’t overly complicate matters with intricate missions or complex upgrade mechanisms. Shoot, get better, advance.


Ice Hockey 3d Review

Ice Hockey 3d Review

Mar 17, 2015

Ice Hockey is a really under represented genre on Android. While there are penalty shootouts, management sims and even flight simulators, plain hockey is hard to come by. Finally, Ice Hockey 3D comes along to scratch that goal scoring itch.

The funniest part of Ice Hockey 3D is the team names. With bizarre parodies of real teams like the Flamingos and my favorite the Violent Bears this is difficulty not an officially licensed game!

Screenshot_2015-03-03-04-12-18Once you’re on the ice, Ice Hockey 3D is a very traditional hockey games. Rather than silly penalty shootouts or the like Ice Hockey 3d is simply a full game of hockey, as you skate around the rink trying to score a goal. This isn’t that well executed however. The controls feel rather loose and it can be difficult skating accurately to clean up loose pucks or aim a shot. The virtual stick doesn’t feel precise enough and the lack of physical buttons seems to affect this sport more than most.

The AI is really poor, particularly for teammates. They routinely skate right past loose pucks, make no real attempt at defence and never seem to check opponents. Speaking of checking, the check button doesn’t seem to work at all. Brushing up against opponents and mashing the check button doesn’t seem to do anything. The only real way to take the puck from the opposition is to intercept a pass or steal it.

The player control switch is also annoying. It often switches you to a player who is useless for the current situation or not the one closest to the puck. This is very frustrating and since the teammate AI is so useless it makes defence way harder than it would otherwise be.

Screenshot_2015-03-05-08-10-35As well as normal Hockey, Ice Hockey 3D features Air Hockey. This is a very basic take on the classic game, but it works well and the AI is quite smart compared to the main game. It can be played by two players as well.

The game is festooned with F2P elements. Coins that are earned by winning games an logging in on consecutive days can be spent on boosting player stats, it is unclear whenever boosting stats only affects players that the player controls or their whole team but these stats boosts really make a big difference., It is very tough to score goals without boosting your shooting skill and speed is vital to attacking effectively. A large amount of currency is handed out when the player first loads the game but this is quickly spent and winning games to earn more is quite difficult. This F2P isn’t very satisfying and makes it unclear is player skill or simply unbalanced stats come into play more.

Ice Hockey 3D is a somewhat decent, but flawed take on Ice Hockey. Still there aren’t many pure hockey games on Android, so if you can live with useless teammates it could be worth “checking” out.

Fanatical Football Review

Fanatical Football Review

Dec 10, 2013

Remember back in the old days of video games when a majority of the sports games you’d find didn’t have licensed players, for whatever reason. Many old time gamers may have fond memories of playing titles, such as Bad News Baseball, 10 Yard Fight, or Ice Hockey, where the members of any given team were either some generic whoever, or a nameless participant. In any case, the lack of a name back then, usually didn’t cause any deterrent from the gameplay itself (unless it was something odd like Ken Griffey Jr Baseball). Nowadays, this type of game doesn’t exist, unless its some ill fated title like Backbreakers or the arcade modern version of Tecmo Super Bowl, in which neither game did particularly well. But in the Android gaming world, games like this can thrive. That’s exactly the case with Fanatical Football, a football game with nameless, generic players, but is a lot of fun, and has enjoyed over 1 million downloads on the Google Play store.


There are a bunch of different teams within Fanatical Football, which bear little resemblance to any active NFL teams. Instead, each team varies in terms of difficulty playing with or against them. There are no individual stats or abilities assigned to the players on the squad, just overall abilities for that particular team.

All of the action done within this title are custom buttons which appear on the bottom corners of the screen. Additionally, the gyroscope within one’s Android device gives one the ability to move their athlete from side to side, as the player is always moving forward. There are speed buttons, juke, and spin buttons for offensive players, with just the speed boost if you are on defense.


If this title has one major fault, its that the actual game play can be ridiculous and frustrating. The whole game turns into the human player attempting to minimize the impending amount of yards the CPU can get on them. There is a 0% chance of the CPU not completing a pass and a minimal chance that you can hit the running back behind the line of scrimmage. To counterbalance this a bit, the game is set up to where teams have 4 downs to get to the halfway part of the field, then score. In some ways, it combines the system used by the NFL with that of Arena football. However, once the human player has the ball, there is a risk of throwing the pick or getting your running back stuffed at the line. No matter the difficulty of your opponent, these frustrations occur.

Despite its shortcomings, Fanatical Football may be one of the better attempts at putting a football game on the mobile touch screen. It’s simple but great game mechanics will give people a bit of nostalgia for football games like NFL Blitz, while amping up the difficulty to a point where it forces people to have to try hard. The fact that its a free to play title should not be a discouragement either, as any purchases are totally optional, and players can defeat the CPU without the use of bonuses or boosts. Fanatical Football may not be perfect, but its the best attempt so far at bringing America’s game to the Google powered OS.