Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game Review

Jan 8, 2018

It’s practically expected now. Make a major motion picture in this day and age, and we, the consumers want — no, we demand — a companion mobile game. As we’ve said a bunch already, it makes sense; the franchise gets more buzz, which helps the game, which helps the franchise… a beautiful circle.

If the game is good, that is…k7

With the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle out for our viewing pleasure, we are quite okay with checking out NHN PixelCube Corp’s companion game, well, Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game.

It’s a pretty good looking game, featuring recognizable characters bathed in non-glossy colors and housed in stark environments, with matching sounds buttressed by voice boxes and hint flashes. The animations are nice too, incorporating slick action moves and underscored by slow motion effects.

The game takes you on a journey, and play is simple. To begin, you finish up training, and the gameplay gets explained: you fight by match-3 action. Yes, your actions are determined by your dexterity with your fingers, and your ability to combine the right color of ammunition at the right time.

Good action leads to success, which leads to game coin, which allows you to improve attributes and accumulate stuff (ah, the clothes); real cash can be used, and there is an energy requirement… bummer.

What the game does well, in the first, is to ably meld a few genres into one cohesive experience. Most prominently, taking a match-3 and allowing it to be the conduit for a card-based action game works here. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it done, but darn it, when done well it still makes for a great caper.

But let’s not forget the source material. Juvenile or not, the Kingsman movies provide great action material, and getting to work with familiar characters is almost always a good thing. Fans of the franchise should love that aspect.

Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Valerian: City of Alpha Review

Jul 12, 2017

When it comes to movie-tie in projects, it’s safe to say they are closed to standard; when a major motion picture drops nowadays, you can almost always find a mobile game companion.

And we love that. New ways to increase mindshare, and even a way to pull in new fans. We all win.

Now, we are even getting to see interesting games like Valerian: City of Alpha. This one is pieced out from and based on Luc Besson’s upcoming futuristic space thriller Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. This one takes even a step further, as it looks to help develop some backstory for the game.


It’s visually pleasing, with an uncanny ability to invoke a sense of deep space. The game utilize engaging colors, with pulsating effects and effective animations that help the gameplay along and even frame it. The use of stills also buttress the action, and the sounds work well along with the looks.

Our location is Alpha, an erstwhile metropolis looking to expand to humans and other species. From a timeline perspective, it’s 600 years before the events in the movie, but still way out from where we are now. The gameplay tutorial is extensive, which is helpful; it leads players on some of the basics of world-building. There is a symbiotic feel here, because it takes a bit of give and take to ensure positive outcomes result.


Without spoiling too much of the game, one aspect that stands out is the CYOA — choose your own adventure — element. During play, you can and will face scenarios with multiple options. Each has an element of risk and a corresponding reward. Your job is to figure out which path is best, and deal with the results. There is a crafting element as well, and simple stuff like re-aligning habitats help facilitate this. The game also has objectives and achievements.

In the end, the exploration, creation of partnerships and strategic moves is all about creating a space city worth being proud of. The movie looms large in this one, as it may feel as though it is a bit open-ended without its source material to lead into. Still, it mostly works.

Quite well.

Google Play gets exclusive, limited time content for TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Google Play gets exclusive, limited time content for TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight

Jun 11, 2017

It’s a great time to be a Transformers fan.

With the new movie out in a few days, awareness is particularly high, and it’s the perfect time to be a Google Play fan as well, what with all the exclusive goodies added to the Android version of TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. The good stuff celebrates the release of the aforementioned movies.

Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator, Rhinox, Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots in the battle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide. This exciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytelling and spectacular action from over 30 years of Transformers history to your mobile device!

One biggie relates to the big guy himself: Optimus Prime. Fighting as Optimus is fantastic in and of itself, but in this special we get something that is somehow cooler — the exclusive cinematic Optimus Prime.

According to presser, players can also get access to 3x T2 Repair Kits that help with Bots revival and repair plus 4x 4-hour shields that provide temporary protection from raids.

Additionally, 1x Cinematic Bot Crystal, 135x Energon, and 5,000x Arena Chips are discounted.

It’s on now through June 30th.


Power Rangers: Legacy Wars receives major update

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars receives major update

Apr 17, 2017

The recently released major movie companion game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is getting a pretty massive update. We also hear that the game is doing very well — measurably so, to the tune of 12 million downloads across platforms.

Here are the full update details:

New League
League 6 – Harwood County War Zone League 6 at 3400 Medals

New Warriors
– Now available in League 6 – Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver
– Rare Leader: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
– Epic Assist: Mighty Morphin – Lord Zedd
– Epic Leader: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
– Epic Assist: Super Mega Force Robo Knight
– Rare Leader: Super Samurai Master Xandred
– Rare Assist: Mighty Morphin Green – Tommy Oliver

New Theatre Mode 1.0
– Watch replays of exciting matches from the best players in the Power Ranger Legacy Wars community.

Combat Rebalancing
– Rarity Balance: Adjustments to the starting health and attack stats of higher level rarity
– Block Frequency: Reduced the frequency of blocking and tuned to match warrior class
– Dash Push Reduction: Reduced the amount of push character can do into each other
– Various Character Balance: Many tuning adjustments based on player feedback and match history.

– Morph Box UI: Polished Morph Box Open and Closed states
– Morph Box Payouts: New Warrior drop rates have been raised, improved rewards from Ultra Morph Boxes and League 5 Morph Boxes.
– Alliance: Easier to find open Alliances at the top of the list
– Various bug fixes and network stability improvements

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


[via App Release Notes]

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Unveils Android-Exclusive Content

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Unveils Android-Exclusive Content

Dec 7, 2016

The Force is here…

Electronics Arts’ Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes is getting an update that brings some unique new content to its Android version.

This update is a tie-in to the upcoming major motion picture release Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Within this update, there is a new bundle; folks who play the game can get the “Rogue One Heroes Pack”, which is available for free for a limited time.

The pack includes K-250, the new Droid that will be in the upcoming movie. This character is upgradeable up to 7 stars.

This pack will be available through December 16th.

Additional exclusive content will also be available.

Yay for the Android exclusives! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes remains free (with optional in-app purchasing) on Google Play.


Ubisoft Launches Movie-Based ‘Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!’ on Google Play

Ubisoft Launches Movie-Based ‘Trolls: Crazy Party Forest!’ on Google Play

Oct 20, 2016

Trolls is an upcoming DreamWorks animated movie, and now — as is becoming commonplace — we get to play with a companion game based on the movie. This one is called Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! and is being brought to market by Ubisoft.

This one allows players to create their own individual Troll villages, with interesting food crops and the like. There are movie elements to interact with and stuff to unlock.

One can also throw parties so as to recruit more creatures to one’s village; it also allows for play between friends.

Ubisoft Mobile Executive Director Michel Detoc doesn’t hide the team’s excitement with regards to working with DreamWorks.“Our team has been incredibly enthused to work with DreamWorks Animation on such an entertaining property,” he says. “We wanted to create a gaming experience that would immerse audiences into a colorful vibrant world where Troll happiness keeps the village alive, and feels entirely authentic to the IP. Each aspect of the game has been designed for players to enjoy ‘Trolltastic’ elements from crazy hair, amazing Troll talents and many possibilities to host unique themed-parties!”

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! is available for free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer:

LEGO Star Wars: TFA Review

LEGO Star Wars: TFA Review

Aug 18, 2016

Two things I hold dear: Star Wars and LEGOs. The former opened a world of imagination, and the latter gave me the tools to physically build it.

The continual amalgam of virtual LEGO characters and major franchises is almost always welcome, as is the new LEGO Star Wars: TFA, based off the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

As with most LEGO-themed games, this one relies somewhat on the relevant source material to cobble together an adventure that encompasses more than one movie period. The imagery is quite LEGO-ey, with adjusted looks and interesting constructions. The animations are quite smooth, and the game does an engaging job of creating several different type of playing environments with the same template. It looks fun, relives the movies and pops visually.

Controls-wise, a simple gesture system makes things happen; a big part of the game is exploration and interaction. There are a lot of things to research, and this allows the game to take on a bit of an adventure path. Beyond the crafting aspect, one sees opportunities to battle enemies.


If getting involved with movie characters is one’s thing, this game shouldn’t disappoint; starting with Poe, there are quite a few to invest in. I found the different type of fighting enjoyable. Dogfighting, gun battles and the like. Interestingly, there are new fighting mechanics included that further set this iteration apart from early stablemates.

All content isn’t available for free though; a paid All Season Pass unlocks everything, plus feature additions. The game is Family Library-eligible.

All in all, it should be a visual feast — even for folks who are used to LEGO entries. It doesn’t try to match the movie plot point for plot point, and I think that serves it well. It stands on its own, and that’s all someone can ask for.

Suicide Squad: Special Ops Review

Suicide Squad: Special Ops Review

Aug 9, 2016

Summer is the season of the major motion blockbuster and — as an increasing norm — the major motion blockbuster companion mobile game. DC Hero spawns the anti-hero flick Suicide Squad, and from that, we get Suicide Squad: Special Ops.

Yes… the joy of living.

It action comes in first-person style, and landscape is how it is taken. The game is decidedly dark, with visual tools that give it a bit of an ominous look. Our three characters are easily identifiable: the keen-eyed Deadshot, the incendiary El Diablo, and the spooky Harley Quinn. Overall, the artwork and animations work well.

Each of our heroes has a representation of their telltale powers, and via use of cutscenes and an interactive tutorial, one gets to understand the basic idea which gets us here: the city is overrun by, uh, creatures, and the players job is to survive the wave of attackers and make progress.

The controls are pretty liberal: one side to swing the targeting module, and the other side moves the character. Shooting/attacking is done when the target has the movable sights on it and is close enough, so all one needs to do is be nimble enough to keep the baddies in front. The baddies do attack if they close enough, so it makes sense to keep them at arm’s length. One can select which hero to use every so often, and there is an opportunity cost associated with such a choice.


There are checkpoints and ammo depots and health packs to pick up; at certain junctures, one might be invited to upgrade an attribute which makes battling easier. There is plenty of city space to check out as well.

It’s all about survival.

It’s a simple, energetic romp, one which boils down to a first-person wave shooter; it has the benefit of having relevant characters, easy-to-understand gameplay, and the current movie tie-in definitely doesn’t hurt. It manages to squeeze in a usable task, a replenishment system, RPG elements… and more.

In some aspects though, it might be short of fulfilling. While it has the benefit of diving right into it, folks looking for a bit of a tangible backstory might be a bit miffed. The targeting system feels a bit rudimentary at times, and the controls could be a bit more reactive in the combat scenes.

The timing is great, and in the end, that’s the biggest asset; it looks to be a veritable companion game, and we won’t — can’t — complain about that.

Fifth Journey’s Upcoming Game ‘Kubo: A Samurai Quest’ Gets Firm Release Date

Fifth Journey’s Upcoming Game ‘Kubo: A Samurai Quest’ Gets Firm Release Date

Aug 8, 2016

Kubo: A Samurai Quest is an upcoming match-3 puzzler from Fifth Journey with movie tie-in sensibilities, and we are happy that we know it’s official Google Play due date.

The game is somewhat inspired by the animated feature Kubo and the Two Strings.

Game details:

Players will help Kubo use his extraordinary samurai abilities, including his musical shamisen, to bring origami animals to life and unlock powers beyond imagination– all via an intuitive match-3 control scheme.

Game Features:

Collect majestic origami creatures, evolve them into powerful allies
Conquer challenging and engaging puzzles
Navigate a beautiful story which includes several exciting adventures
Encounter colorful characters and explore iconic locations inspired by the film

Kubo: A Samurai Quest will be free-to-play with optional microtransactions.

The game is slated to be free (wih optional in-app purchase opportunities); it is set to be out August 17th.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Adds Suicide Squad Content: Video of the Day

Injustice: Gods Among Us Adds Suicide Squad Content: Video of the Day

Aug 4, 2016

Warner Bros’ DC Superhero-laden Injustice: Gods Among Us is adding in some new content — notably, Suicide Squad peeps — just in time for the major motion picture based on the antihero group.

The new goodies (including characters, in-game events, etc.) are coming to the game via an update which is rolling out currently.

The latest update is the largest to hit the game in over a year, bringing fresh content for both new and returning players. A variety of Suicide Squad-themed playable content are featured in the new update including a new character and skins, special in-game events, rewards and more.

Players can now assemble an all-star team of Super-Villains with the first playable debut of the assassin Deadshot and Suicide Squad skins of fan-favorites The Joker and Harley Quinn. Challenge, Multiplayer and Survivor mode have also been updated with exclusive Suicide Squad rewards including new companion cards.

The game remains free (with in-app purchasing opportunities) on Google Play.

Checkout the updates art and video below:


Independence Day: Extinction Review

Independence Day: Extinction Review

Jul 4, 2016

They’re back…

Just in time for Independence Day (holiday and movie), we get Independence Day: Extinction.

The graphics are earthy, with controlled use of color that works well the abbreviated top-down view. The game uses a series of visual highlights to move the gameplay along.

To get started, one gets to pick a side; you can fight for earth, or live it up and take a go as a dastardly alien. The game then proceeds with a text box warning fro President Whitmore, informing the player about the return of the aliens via wormhole.

Now, the first thing one gets to do is to prepare Area 51 for war.

The game then helps the player figure out the game by means of a hands-on tutorial. A sniper station is set up, and one sees it in action against an alien scout team. From there, a bit more of the game unfolds; one needs to build other buildings, and a lot of the purposes are logically interconnected. Titanium creation and storage here, plasma for upgrading and repairing ships there, and so on.


On the other hand, one also needs to get on the offensive; this is accomplished by assembling squads of one’s own. These can go out to collect useful loot and special awards. An attack is performed by taping and dragging the squad onto the enemy target. Profit.

The game proceeds to be a mix ‘n’ match RPG, where one has to continually look to improve one’s attributes to be competitive. The game is self-paced to a degree, which allows one to take part on their own terms; allowing one to play as hero or villain is a nice touch that expands the gameplay a bit.

We did get a couple of crashes; this was an unfortunate damper, but for the most part, the game remains interesting over time. It is rich experience, based on an enduring franchise and flanked by a new movie, so it should appeal to the imagination.

Happy Independence Day!

Blood Brothers 2 Adds Ghostbusters via In-App Event

Blood Brothers 2 Adds Ghostbusters via In-App Event

Jun 24, 2016

Blood Brothers 2 is getting Ghostbusters characters in an in-app event starting the day before the the official release of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Through a license with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Ghostbusters buffs and Blood Brothers 2 players will take on iconic Ghostbusters villains in the Blood Brothers’ homeland of Arnashia! Three new villains, Slimer, Rowan, and Mayhem, will make their debut in the game, with more characters to come in a following event. Running from July 14-21, the first event will see Galbraith’s escape from the Netherworld unleash a wave of undead activity across Arnashia. A second event featuring additional fan-favorite Ghostbusters characters and a new storyline will run from July 28 through August 3.

The new event starts July 14th, the game remains free (with in-app purchases).