Mr Ludo Review

Mr Ludo Review

Oct 28, 2013

Mr Ludo, a new board game sim from YoAmbulante, attempts to condense years of corporate drudgery into a fun game of Ludo. But does this odd mix succeed?

Screenshot_2013-10-26-22-33-52Mr Ludo mixes a bit of a story with the classic boardgame. Players compete to see who can sneak out of the office early without being caught by their fellow employees. The first player to get all 4 of their corporate drones out of the door and to the beach first wins!

A few deviations from the ancient game of Ludo give this revival its own personality. Besides the office worker angle, in game currency (called beans…geddit?) is also up for grabs on certain squares. In game currency allows the player to put pieces on the board without throwing a six and is also needed to join online games.

Screenshot_2013-10-26-21-50-49As players move around the board, landing on opponents sends them back to the doldrums of their cubical, where they will stay until they throw a six, a huge setback. Each turn allows the choice of which piece will move next, so with several pieces in play players can either choose to strategically move pieces behind the opponent’s pieces, so they land on them and send them back to the start, or move around the board with one piece as quickly as possible to keep it safe. This gives the game of Ludo a good shake up and really spices up the game.

Both single player and online multiplayer are available for play. Online multiplayer can match up games with random players, or use your Facebook profile to play with your friends. The online MP works quite well and everything works as it should.

The game also features local multiplayer, but rather strangely the game’s single player mode must be finished completely in order to unlock it. This is an odd decision to say the least and could be annoying as it’s not possible to play a quick game with people who don’t have a device of their own without spending an hour or two finishing the single player game.

Graphically, Mr Ludo is simple and inviting. The board looks good and actually changes depending on what level you’re playing. The game is very colorful and will likely appeal to just about anyone.

Soundwise the game is limited to beep and clicks with some catchy background music as well. The sound is really all it needs to be for a game like Mr Ludo.

Mr Ludo is an enjoyable game of Ludo in a very friendly form. It’s as fun as ludo has always been and adds just enough of its own twists to give the game a new feel without ruining the greatness of the original. Play it today!