Mucho Party Review

Mucho Party Review

Aug 4, 2014

Ever wondered how WarioWare of something like it could look like on a Android device? Look no more: enter Mucho Party.

Mucho Party is a gaming app full of ridiculously funny games. When I fired up the app for the first time, it asked me to make a smiling face, a sad face and a normal face (when possible, of course). It then made three pictures of my three different faces. While I didn’t know what to expect of the photo’s, I curiously started one of the twenty mini games and found myself laughing on the first site of seeing my own face in game. I laughed when I won, and drew a sad face when I lost.


Although this idea is certainly not new in any way, it is executed like it should be. Seeing your own face constantly didn’t disturb me as the player of one of the mini games. In fact, it helped enjoying the game much more. Especially in multiplayer, where up to eight friends can join in on the fun, with there own expressive faces and pictures. Even the object around the photo can be chosen and colored in the way it suits your style. It’s so simple, and yet so effective.

Mucho Party offers four different modes, a random mini game function and the ability to just select a game from the grid and play it at once. Two of those modes offer gameplay for a two player multiplayer game, where one could either battle a friend or battle the computer controlled oppenent. The same goes for the multiplayer games suitable for three players or more. The computer controlled opponents can even be set to easy, medium and hard.

Being colorful and all, providing in single- and multiplayer matches and giving players some crazy mini games (like smashing some nails in to wood with a hammer, collecting your own spouse as a duck or playing football with cars) it has a distintive WarioWare feeling to it. It only lacks more games and the ability to play all those games right after each other, getting more challenging as the game goes on. Although the doesn’t really need it to be fun to play.

Mucho Party is one of those surprisingly fun to play apps, with its collection of crazy and original mini games, colorful and cheerful esthetics and cool features like three of your own expressions in-game. It has some solid multiplayer features, offering games for up to eight players – who can al make pictures of their own faces and enjoy the game the same as the main player.