Mushroom Age: Time Adventure Review

Mushroom Age: Time Adventure Review

Sep 27, 2012

Nevosoft all but wrote the book on Android adventure/hidden object gaming, and Mushroom Age: Time Adventure is the latest attempt by the software house to cement its Kingship.

Mushroom Age weaves together graphics, dialogue, touch-based item discovery and user wits to solve mysteries. And by using the stereotypical protagonist at the height of desperation — a bride-to-be with a missing scientist fiance — the developer is able to inject some humor right from the beginning.

The premise was simple: I, in the character of Vera, am in search of Tom, and have to solve mini-mysteries and time travel to find him. On the way, robots, adventurers, philosophers, mushrooms and even talking dinosaurs make an appearance. To advance to a new scene, I had to complete tasks, which varied from investigating a cemetery to finding missing keys to rebooting robots.

Mushroom Age shines in the “solveability” of the riddles. They were not too easy, and I liked how the gameplay designers did not get so engrossed in hiding objects as to make the illogically difficult to find and acquire. For instance, early on in the game, I had to accumulate a bunch of items to advance. Some objects were simply hidden behind the first few, instead of hidden in overly exotic locations in the scene. I also liked how some tasks had to be completed by a combination of objects (spoiler alert: cutting grass was a nice touch. There are hints and visual cues that helped me out, but they did not cheapen the achievement because I was not spoon fed. I liked moving stuff, and making logical deductions. I earned trophies every now and then, too. For the truly baffled, an exhaustable genius button existed.

The dialogue was a useful tool to help the storyline along, but I did find the conversation a tad tedious at times, so it was good that tapping helped me skip some of what I found monotonous. Graphically, the game was okay, there was not too much animation; I thought a bit more probably would have added some flair to this game.

Nevosoft also does well to incorporate social sharing into the application.

Mushroom Age: Time Adventure is a game that, for me, shows you should never judge an Android game by its icon. It provides a good deal of fun interspersed with sanity-retaining save points, so I did not have a good excuse to not get back to work. I never thought I’d enjoy cleaning out a dinosaur’s teeth, but you have to love a game that helps with self-discovery.

Here’s to you, Nostradamus!