HAWK: Freedom Squadron gets a bunch of goodies via update

HAWK: Freedom Squadron gets a bunch of goodies via update

Jul 7, 2017

Hold your breath… HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot ’em up! is getting an update.

So what do we have? Well, per the Google Play-hosted changelog, we hear that there is a new plane and new season in story mode.

Here are the exact details:

Hello, bro!
Update is here!
New season in story mode! First 10 levels are already available!
1 new plane!
You can now use only a bare bones jet (no BRObots or equipment) in Trials mode, but the difficulty is made lower to make up for this.
Downloading on the first launch and after level 20 is no longer required!
And many bug fixes!
See you in battle!

The game certainly caught our fancy when we gave it a try; it’s still free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

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Evolution: Battle for Utopia Review

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Review

Jul 15, 2014

Evolution: Battle For Utopia is an interesting mix of small scale combat, exploration and base building. Is it a gaming utopia?

The combat portion of Evolution: Battle for Utopia is actually very robust. Attacking is handed automatically and the player can select a target. After every few shots the player must reload and this can be sped up with a well-timed tap Often one enemy will have a crosshair over them and attacking these targets will dish out more damage. Human enemies shoot back and glow red when they are about to allowing the player a second to duck behind a shield with a swipe before the lead starts flying. Incoming grenades also need to be tapped on to avoid them detonating in the player’s midst. There is a lot to do during combat and the mechanic for picking targets and taking cover make it feel like a real gunfight, which is impressive. Picking targets is important as some enemies are far more powerful in melee and must be dropped fast while human soldiers need to be taken out one by one to cut down on the number of people shooting.

Screenshot_2014-07-15-07-35-24Beside combat, there is a map based mode where dialogue and exploration take place. This is well done. Base building is done in typical freemium style with timers a plenty and many buildings to construct and tech to research. The graphics are noticeably poorer than the combat here and buildings are just dull, static blocks. The base building isn’t very satisfying and there are very few building types. This is in stark contrast to the cool combat segments. The game does have an interesting story which helps push it along.

Screenshot_2014-07-13-07-43-39Of course, as is common with mobile gaming, freemium comes along to ruin any fun the game might have had. The game’s difficulty shoots up extremely quickly after the first few missions and resource generation is a slow, plodding affair that requires logging in constantly to tap on buildings. Combat goes from fun and doable to tough and failing a battle once locks that battle away for 20 hours. Twenty hours. Missions can only be attempted if the player has sufficiently long range helicopters to reach them and this generally means that failing 1 or 2 battles can prevent the player from playing the game at all for the better part of a day. The tragic part is that if this was a premium game without paywalls it would be absolutely worth playing. The gameplay is satisfying and unique.

Multiplayer is a bit of a joke as well. Pay to win is the rule in Evolution: Battle for Utopia. The matchmaking system seems flawed as well; every multiplayer battle I ran into was against much higher level opposition.

Evolution: Battle For Utopia looks great, sounds great and has a lot of varied gameplay styles. As a whole it is very in depth for a mobile game. Unfortunately, some terrible freemium features and some very long timers really go a long way towards killing the game.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia from My.com Makes its Way to Android

Evolution: Battle for Utopia from My.com Makes its Way to Android

Jul 10, 2014

My.com’s Evolution: Battle for Utopia is now on Android. This is a free-to-play genre-bending action game, where players will fight enemies in real-time shooter battles, while also utilizing strategic defense placement, and elements of town-builders as you terraform the planet and build colonies. Oh, and there’s a robot dog named Fido. Check it out now on Google Play.