My Dolphin Show Review

My Dolphin Show Review

Nov 26, 2013

Ever since Free Willy, I’ve had a desire to run a show at Sea World. Perhaps the movie was meant to make me want to save sea mammals, but no. I want to control these aquatic animals and have them jump through hoops on my command. Luckily, here’s My Dolphin Show, a game all about getting a dolphin to perform tricks for paying punters.

The basic premise of the game is that through swiping the screen you control the angle and speed at which your dolphin swims at. If you get your dolphin to swim fast enough towards the surface of the water, they’ll leap into the air. Once airborne, you get one more swipe to further direct the flying Flipper.

You’ll need to get your dolphin to jump over gates, land on targets, hit balls and so on. You get a bonus for completing a number of tasks in one leap which means you’ll get more money for the completion of your show.unnamedCA2EO10T

My Dolphin Show has clearly had some effort poured into it. The presentation is a notch above your typical free-to-play fare. The dolphin (although, not always a dolphin) swims around the screen fluidly and the 3D models in general are bright and colourful. No doubt exactly what small children like.

To the game’s credit, there’s plenty to unlock and most of it’s pretty cute. This is, after all, a game aimed at children, and the more cute things you can put into it the better. In fact, one unlockable turns your dolphin into a shark. You better believe I bought that straight away. Not only because sharks are cool, but this upgrade gave me a boost to my speed and jumping stats. Very useful.

The only real issue I had with the game was the previously mentioned controls. Swiping at the screen in a vague direction for your animal to follow was often, quite literally, hit or miss. The game rewards you for making jumps that are precise enough to hit multiple objects but doesn’t give you the controls to make this a regular occurrence. Whenever I made a decent jump, I often felt like it was down to dumb-luck rather than some sort of skill.

Aside from that, it’s hard to really argue with what My Dolphin Show is doing. A game clearly aimed at kids and offers the little ones plenty to unlock. Whilst the controls lack the finesse you’d expect from a truly great title, this is a solid enough app that will entertain and won’t cost a penny. Unless you want to pay out for the really cool costumes.

I’m currently eyeing up this penguin unlockable. The only thing cooler than sharks are penguins. Fact.