Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam Review

Professor Pym and the Secret of SteamProfessor Pym and the Secret of Steam is a charming steampunk game from fledgling video game developer Naoplay. As the eponymous professor, you must climb a gauntlet of spinning cogs and fiery blasts in an attempt to escape the toxic fog slowly rising beneath you, all while collecting coins that can be used to purchase power-ups and performance boosts in the game’s online store.

Professor Pym features simple, “one-touch” gameplay that’s easy to grasp. A quick tap of the touchscreen sends the professor leaping into the air in whatever direction he happens to be facing. Sometimes lighter taps didn’t register, though, forcing me to miss a jump. It’s a minor nuisance, one that’s easily remedied by using a firm finger, but it’s noticeable.

Professor Pym and the Secret of SteamThe game’s 50+ levels become more challenging as you go along, tossing obstacles such as spiked wheels, ice, and magnetic strips in your path. Items like gas masks and shields can provide a helping hand, but most of the time they’re not necessary. Professor Pym is designed with the casual crowd in mind; it’s not an overly difficult game.

If you’re competitive-minded, or you’re looking for replay value, there are over 40 achievements to earn and leaderboards to climb. While Android lacks the kind of features that Game Center offers on iOS, there are at least proprietary leaderboards and achievements built-in. There’s no reason for Android fans to feel left out of the fun.

Professor Pym and the Secret of Steam is free to download and play – for the first 10 levels, at least. Forty additional premium levels are available for $0.99, and gears can be bought for powerups to provide a boost for those difficult levels. If you’re looking for a new time waster, give Professor Pym a chance. There are far worse ways to spend that wait at the doctor’s office.