Dawn of Titans update brings a multitude of tweaks and fixes

Dawn of Titans update brings a multitude of tweaks and fixes

Jul 11, 2017

Dawn of Titans has been on a bit of a roll of late; it continues to get better via updates which are fairly regular.

It’s latest update, which is live now, brings back some control of the Titans, fixes critical damage during battling, reduces lag and more.

Here are excerpts from the full changelog (courtesy of Google Play):

Titans rejoice!
This update provides a huge array of bug fixes, stabilization and performance improvements, including;
· AI IMPROVEMENTS which make Titans follow orders again!
· Performance improvements to reduce reported lag
· CRITICAL damage working in battle again
· Fixes for issues seen using the RAGE spell

And yes, NaturalMotionGames’ battling thriller is still free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. In the mean time, check out our review and our tips and tricks.

Dawn of Titans gets a whole new feel via update

Dawn of Titans gets a whole new feel via update

Jun 22, 2017

If you’re a Dawn of Titans fan, you should be getting notified of its current update, which is live now.

The new release — dubbed “LANDS: AWAKENING update” — brings a host of changes and tweaks. One should notice some of the visual changes right off the bat. When it comes to gameplay, the resources system has been overhauled a good deal.

The Lands section is where some of the the most pertinent changes have been applied; a bit more interaction is required to get the best out of them. Troops have been buffed, and mechanics enhanced.

All in all, big changes have created a new experience, mostly. At the very least, the new update should have players rethinking their strategies.

Here’s the full changelog (per game website).

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


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Dawn of Titans update brings tweaks and improvements

Dawn of Titans update brings tweaks and improvements

May 31, 2017

Dawn of Titans refuses to rest on its laurels, as evidenced by its latest update; the new build brings a host of improvements, bug fixes and more.


Titans rejoice! This update provides a collection of bug fixes, stabilization and performance improvements including:
– Troops can no longer be hurt by SPELLS after the battle has ended
– Improvements to the scoring for future SURVIVAL events
– Improvements for usage of network data
– Restrictions for going to battle with a full RELIC INVENTORY has been removed
– The issue which meant players could not leave their Alliance members tab has been resolved
See you on the battlefield!

The game remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Dawn of Titans unveils new content

Dawn of Titans unveils new content

May 12, 2017

NaturalMotion’s exceptionally popular PvP thriller Dawn of Titans just received an update that brings a whole new battling mode in a time limited event.

Now, players can take part in Trials of Power. In this mode, a player selects his troops, and takes on waves and waves of computer generated enemies. The idea is to dispatch as many of the enemy as possible — for points, no less — and stay alive as long as possible.

You keep going (and the enemies keep coming) until all your troops are exhausted.

Those accumulated points? Well, they can be used to procure all manner of goodies, and there is a very special prize for the player who has the most points at the end of the event.

Officially, per Google Play:


Fellow Titans! The new SURVIVAL event, TRIALS OF POWER has arrived!
Head to the frontline for a new battle mode in Dawn of Titans!
– Take on hordes of enemies against the clock in special battles to build up points.
– Build up your points throughout the event for a chance to win gems, elixirs and a Titan!
– The champion of TRIALS OF POWER will be awarded with the ultimate Titan – URAKOR THE FIRE KING!

We definitely enjoyed Dawn of Titans when we took it for a spin, so much so that we felt compelled to help newbies out with some tips and tricks.

In any case, get you a piece. Dawn of Titans is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store.


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Dawn of Titans Adds new Content via Update

Dawn of Titans Adds new Content via Update

Jan 14, 2017

Hit game Dawn of Titans received an update recently.

Ranger Titans are now available, as well as a new leaderboard event.

Per the changelog:

The Rangers have arrived!

Head to the Adventurers’ Guild to battle through new Campaigns with RANGER TITANS!

For the first time in Dawn of Titans you’ll be able to acquire and command Titans that wield a new arsenal of projectile weapons that introduce another layer of strategy for you to take into battle.

And prepare for the HUNTER’S MOON Leaderboard Event – reach the Bronze League to compete to win new Ranger Titans and exclusive Relic rewards!

Dawn of Titans was definitely a fun review for us; it remains free (with plenty of in-app purchase opportunities) on Google Play.

[via Google Play]

Dawn of Titans Review

Dawn of Titans Review

Dec 24, 2016

Dawn of Titans has been making quite a stir of late; it’s only right that we took it for a spin.

We do get some fantasy back story: long, long ago, large behemoth beings called Titans roamed the earth, and helped protect it. Then, one of the Titans decided to, well, consolidate all that power. Yep, Almarand did what folks who are stronger than everyone else do: he took on the other Titans.

Korthan, the noble king of the Titans, took it upon himself to stop Almarand, and sacrificed himself to do so. As a result of that defeat, all Titans disappeared from the world.

Until now. Looks like the Titans are back.

The action opens via tutorial; here, we begin to see the lush fictional world that makes up Dawn of Titans. Aerial kingdoms, huge castles, medieval-type soldiers and more. The game employs deliberate animations, and the in-battle audio gets intense.

The game also incorporates a very hands-on tutorial. This guides the player along and through the games’s complex gameplay via visual highlighting and pop-up screens. The main goal? Gain stuff by force, and repel efforts by others to get yours.

Simple, no?


It’s a pretty engaging saga which starts out with the player under siege from a powerful rival; at this time, you also find out from trusted advisors that Titans are not a myth; they are here, and hey, can be used to repel and beat the enemy. There is a process to select troops, train them and such. And there is battling. A lot of battling and raiding.

The battles are were strategy is of a premium. Having well trained, varied troops is great, but nothing beats a good plan. At first (with the help of the tutorial, fighting is a matter of mapping out troops and winning a war of attrition; secondarily to that, it is necessary to have the materials to train them with and move high enough XP-wise to unlock better troops and perks. Even when numerically outnumbered, it is possible to win a PvP battle via superior tactics.


There are a lot of elements, and they are all interconnected. To, say, upgrade one’s base, there are pre-requisites that must be met. In this way, one grows somewhat evenly. As one goes on, other elements get opened up, like alliances, and the need to protect ones accumulated lands. Titans can be collected, and XP and VP are important measurements.

It is a pretty interesting game, with a lot of depth, and one that is hard to explain adequately in a review. For folks looking for quick sagas, this might not be great; it demands a good deal of involvement to be successful.

I sense a how-to coming up…

CSR Racing Review

CSR Racing Review

Apr 17, 2013

No matter what type of things we get into, a lot of gamers have a soft spot for racing. CSR Racing takes us to a place where pinks are the currency and adrenaline is never in short supply.

The tutorial was pretty cool; I learned how to rev up and get a good jump, and also how to shift gears. The mechanism for the latter seemed well designed, felt fairly intuitive and made sense. The graphics were sharp and appealling, and the racing sequence animations were superb.

I started my actual racing career started with a donation of $25,000. I was prompted to pick from a selection of affordable cars. As expected, the starter cars were relatively bare-boned, and it was clear I’d have to race o earn game money to upgrade and increase my garage. I liked the quirky little nuances, like cars taking a while to be CSR1delivered unless I paid for the privilege. Shortly after this, I got to go to a regulation race.

The race was standard night-time drag racing fare; one opponent, winner-takes-all dash over 0.25 miles. Win or lose, i got stats at the end, including a quick detailing of my start, shifts, bonuses and, of, course, time. I won a flat rate for the victory, which I banked towards upgrades. There were several types of races of varying difficulty.

One of the things that set this game apart was the selection of racers and the customization options. Much of it was only accessible via in-app purchasing, but I truly loved seeing European cars and homegrown cars, from BMWs to McLarens. And when upgrading cars, logic had to be applied with regards to equipment. Picking the wrong wheels, for instance, could make it hard to compete in one piece. In-app purchasing could be used to expedite development, but was not needed; I could upgrade and level up on my own.

I found CSR Racing to be vibrant, fun and reasonably realistic. It brings out the Vin Diesel in all of us, allowing us to “live life a quarter mile at a time.”

Virtually, at least.