NBA Live Mobile Review

NBA Live Mobile Review

Jul 28, 2016

NBA Live Mobile. From Electronic Arts.

Yes, we’re on board.

This one is brightly done, with sharp colors and fine animations. Menus are visually descriptive, and the players generally conform to real life sizes and facial appearances. EA has a reputation in design, and mostly lives up to it here.

Off the bat, it’s important to note that this isn’t one’s usual basketball simulation; it doesn’t have current-ish NBA rosters in place for players to select a familiar and/or favorite team from. It isn’t really a management strategy game either, as there isn’t a traditional salary cap to contend with.

Instead, it’s more like a multi-mode sports RPG with NBA players in the mix, remixing teams from the start. After selecting a franchise, one gets a bunch of players divvied up into a few “lineups” with unique abilities.
Adding in Zach Lavine for the dunking lesson is savvy, as is tossing in Steph Curry for the special abilities tutorial.


One can get into game challenges, or look to go against other folks, or engage in a seriously abbreviated season; mostly, he goal is to win resources and unlock players. Then, with some savvy trading and acquisitions, one can build a super team of sorts.

The action segment is fairly well done; it goes 5v5 with current players in one’s lineup, and onscreen virtual buttons control the movements and actions of the players. There are a set of defensive actions, and when possessions change, one gets

Ah, but just when one gets into it, one has to deal with the energy requirement. Be if far from us to complain about monetization, but this one sorta creeps on one, what with the use energy buckets to get things rolling, redoing a challenge can be costly. There are ways to get refills, and one can use real money to supplement.

The game does a feel a bit busy in sections, and the aforementioned energy requirement might deter one from simply playing. The play rules are fairly loose, so basketball purists might balk at some elements as well.

As noted, for a folks looking for a realistic sim akin to the console titles, this one probably won’t cut the mustard. If one is able to see it for what it is meant to be — a management/building game with familiar names as the pieces — it isn’t too bad of an experience.

The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

Dec 2, 2014

The Official NBA Quiz is on Android courtesy of Chillingo.

Dubbed as the “ONLY Official NBA Quiz on the Google Play Store,” the app looks to test NBA fans on their knowledge of related trivia.

Choose your most beloved NBA franchise and step out onto the court to test your basketball knowledge. Answer thousands of multiple-choice questions correctly and quickly to turn your basketball expertise into slam-dunks. Only real fans need apply!
NBA Official Quiz combines the speed and strategy of the real game as you test your NBA knowledge against your friends, and other players around the world, in real time.
NBA Official Quiz Features:
• The only truly official NBA Quiz game on the Google Play Store
• Pick your favorite from 30 licensed NBA teams, customize your players with official NBA kits before heading out to play on iconic courts
• Over 6,000 multiple choice questions spanning decades of NBA history, famous teams, players, matches and more
• Online competitive multiplayer that puts your knowledge against other NBA fans
• Compete against other players to put your favorite team at the top of the leaderboards each week
• Play offline and refresh your NBA knowledge in Practice Mode”

The game is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

NBA 2K13 Review

NBA 2K13 Review

Jun 7, 2013

While the NBA season is winding down with the NBA Finals (Editor’s Note: That will hopefully end with the San Antonio Spurs crushing the Miami Heat), with basketball simulations, the season does not ever have to end. This is why NBA 2K13, the port of the ever-popular console basketball game for Android devices, is potentially such a breath of fresh air.

The actual graphics are, in a word, fantastic. The definition is superb, and there is a clear flair added. Movements nba5are fairly realistic, with special care given to adequately replicate basketball movements. The background scenery was impressive, with exacting care seemingly paid to different NBA arenas. The animations are good as well; I especially like the little things, such as the ubiquitous daps given between free throws. The replay sequences are nice, and even the entertainment/timeout clips looked believable.

It was also nice to see the players look like their real life counterparts. Players were pared down to scale, so it was clear who say, Tony Parker is when compared to Tim Duncan.

The game comes in three play modes: Practice, Multiseason and Practice, all fairly self-explanatory. Outside of that, there are also some cool challenges in the name of Greatest Games, where you play as an NBA legend and try to match stats from an iconic game he played in, like Shaq’s 63-pointer against the Celtics, or Iverson’s first triple double against the Clippers. This section is adding more legendary players, which is great.

The gameplay itself is extremely fun, with a fun game engine and intuitive optional controls (either virtual d-pad or gestures). The d-pad came with buttons on the right to control offensive and defensive actions. Difficulty is based on level chosen; there are five levels to pick from, ranging from Rookie to Hall of Fame. I didn’t get an opportunity to try the bluetooth multiplayer, but it is a great feature on paper.

I thought that the practice mode could have been significantly better refined; it is a bit bare with regards to learning defensive sets. Also, cool as the graphics were, there were a circulated frame or two. I also hope to controller support down the line.

I think it is an incredibly exciting game that wonderfully brings console-level gameplay to mobile devices.

NBA King of the Court 2 Review

NBA King of the Court 2 Review

Feb 25, 2013

Hopefully I can say this without getting jumped: basketball may have some right to being called The American Pastime… maybe even the World’s Pastime. Naismith’s game is a global affair.

Basketball-themed Android games are bound to garner attention, so being well-designed and fairly innovative within a recognizable version of the rules of the game is pretty much mandatory. NBA King of the Court 2 is a fun hardwood game from Ogmento, Inc that tries to manage just that task.

The game looked good… I could say that much at first glance. Slick, sharply overlayed graphics were enhanced the further along the game went on. City landscapes were blended into the background of their NBA arenas, giving a whole new level of uniqueness to well-known structures. the sounds worked well with imagery to create a media-rich environment that added to the game’s aura.

Upon starting, I had the choice to “Rule The NBA” (single player) or “Rule the World” (multiplayer action). Both portions contained plenty of leveled tasks. In single player, I had the opportunity to play my through NBA cities, earning power-up balls along the way, all the while playing with teammates and going against opponents looking to swat and steal. The global mode used real maps to give itself some pop.

In training camp, I had the opportunity to unlock 30 NBA cities in 6 divisions by successfully completing challenges. My first challenge was to make 3 shots on my home court. using swipes to straighten and taps to shoot, I got moved to higher levels, to work on stuff like passing, recovering from steals and earning power balls. The training sequence was a great way to open gameplay via arcade-like tasks. Shooting was accomplished my a disembodied set of arms.

My biggest gripe was the menu. I think it could have been a bit more intuitive, but I was able to get around. I also would have liked to see better methods to accumulate game currency (beyond the in-app purchasing).

In all, it should be a game that appeals to the jumpshooter in all of us.