NBC app gets Chromecast Compatibility

NBC app gets Chromecast Compatibility

Mar 3, 2016

The NBC Android application is getting better with Chromecast compatibility, which comes to it via update.

Thus, fans of current NBC shows have another way to project them onto bigger screens.

The NBC App for Android devices now works with Google Chromecast offering greater flexibility to fans of hit shows like “Blindspot,” “The Blacklist,” “The Voice,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Saturday Night Live” and many more. In addition to complete seasons of popular current series like “Superstore” and “Chicago Med,” the app offers hundreds of episodes of classic shows including “Miami Vice” and access to a live stream from local NBC stations in select markets.

The app remains free for NBC cable subscribers.

Premier League Kicks Off This Week; Watch Every Single Match Live Via NBC Sports Live Extra and Your Android

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

The English Premier League (EPL) is the single largest sports league in the entire world. Until this season, those of us in the USA that follow it had to search all over to try to find the live matches of our favorite teams. Well this year, things are different. Things are very different, at least in the USA.

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This year the EPL license for the US was bought by NBC and the US will get to see every single match. Matches will show on NBC, NBC Sports, streaming from the NBC site, and for the first time ever, live streaming in the NBC Sports Live Extra app. According to NBC, every single match will be live streamed in the app. That’s right, every single match of the entire EPL season. The US is the only country that gets that luxury, not even the home country of the UK gets to watch every single match. I’m a bit excited, can you tell?

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The best part of this new license is that to view the games is free as long as you have a cable subscription with NBC Sports channel. Most US cable providers should have that as a basic package station and you should be covered. You will need to validate your cable subscription in the app via your cable system login, something that has become common in video apps.

Get ready, the English Premier League starts this weekend! Grab the NBC Sports Live Extra app from Google Play.