Friday Games for the Free July 6, 2012

Friday Games for the Free July 6, 2012

Jul 6, 2012

Hey everyone. Hope the games from the inaugural free Friday games column were fun. This week we have a few more hand picked gems. In fact one is actually using gems…imagine that. Keep in mind the Android apps in this column are all free and will mostly be games. Let us know in the comments if there should be utility and productivity apps added into the weekly column too. Without further adieu, here are the free games of the week.

The Mordis

Everyone loves fun little creatures who don’t want to hurt anyone. We love them even more when they go all Rambo-like to save their buddies. The Mordis are just such little creatures. Helping them solve some puzzles will help them get their friends back. Go ahead and help the little buggers get their buddies back.

Download The Mordis

Fruit Rush

Little kids (and many adults) hate healthy food. Fruit Rush is the perfect way to show how deep the hatred runs for the different fruits out there. This match 3 type game is a winner for all of the people on the organic food band wagon.

Download Fruit Rush

Diamond Blaze

Mining has been in the news off and on over the last couple of years. Mostly because people are getting trapped in them for one reason or another. Diamond Blaze is a match 3 style mining game. While playing, odd combinations will give unexpetedly large abount of points. Challenging friends is also an option. If mining has ever been of interest, Diamond Blaze is a much safer way to try it out.

Download Diamond Blaze

Immortal Dusk

Games set in medieval times are always pretty popular and usually pretty darn fun. How often can a person wield a sword and magic to attack mushrooms and other mythical creatures when they are sober? (Don’t do drugs.) Digitally fighting them is a lot safer anyway. Pick the perfect character to fill the warrior in the mirror and go murder some evil creatures in the forest.

Download Immortal Dusk

Neil Rajah

Remember games like Mega Man and the original Super Mario before he got his PH.D and was a go kart driving champ? For the fans of the 2D side scrolling jump and shoot games, Neil Rajah is worth looking into. The game is loosly based on Indian culture. Track the princess and save her from the 3 headed dragon, if you can.

Download Neil Rajah

How did we do this week? Are there any must have free Android games we should be writing about? Let us know in the comments below.