Spellcreepers Review

Spellcreepers Review

May 1, 2014

The world of match-3 puzzles is an ever-growing market that could easily be viewed as oversaturated. With so many different choices, it could be overwhelming when sorting through the number of games available. With Spellcreepers, bitComposer Online and Neobird hope to make that decision of what game to play that much easier.

Spellcreepers is a free-to-play puzzle RPG that puts players in control of up to 32 creatures as they battle other creatures in a turn-based magic duel that allows players to cast spells based on the puzzle board presented during the fight.
The single-player campaign has a player take control of one Spellcreeper, battling in a variety of different matchups and unlocking new, more powerful Spellcreepers in the process. There is even a player-vs-player multiplayer arena that can be unlocked as you progress through the campaign.

For a match-3 game, the strategy required in some of the later battles of the solo campaign make this one of the most unique games out there. Deciding between doing a double attack or a heal and attack combo can signal the difference between winning a battle, or being crushed by your opponent.

Players can purchase equipment to help boost their characters

Players can purchase equipment to help boost their characters

A minor nuisance with Spellcreepers is the fact that the RPG elements aren’t that strong. If anything, this game plays more like a strategy game infused with features of an RPG. Sure, you have to decide what boosts and equipment to purchase, but other than that, a good enough player can devise the right battle strategy during fights to overcome a mis-selection of items.

The multiplayer battles require even more strategy. If you don’t have the right boosts and equipment equipped, your battle could be very short lived.

That is where the big downfall with Spellcreepers comes in to play. The fact that it can very easily turn into a pay-to-win type of game when it comes to the multiplayer mode is a turn off. There were a few times where playing against a human opponent resulted in a two-turn loss because my opponent clearly used real money to upgrade their Spellcreeper to a much stronger level, per se.

That being said, there isn’t much to complain about from a gameplay perspective. The game is simple yet addicting, which makes for a fun experience even if you don’t know exactly what the best route of action to take is for a specific battle.

The selection of Spellcreepers, the number of unlockables and the fact that no two battles are similar in how you play them makes this a game you can find yourself lost in for hours. And though the risk of pay-to-win is there for PvP, the single-player mode is the real joy of this game, and is definitely worth the download.

Spellcreepers even allows cross-platform synchronization, allowing players to never have to worry about restarting their game should they decide to play on a different device.