The King of Fighters 98 Review

The King of Fighters 98 Review

Aug 11, 2014

The well-known King of Fighters 98 finally makes it way to Android. KOF98 Android also includes the additional content from the Slugfest version of the original game.

Screenshot_2014-08-10-17-32-15King Of Fighters 98 is a premier fighting game well-loved back in the day. It features a ton of different fighters with vastly different styles and tiers and they each have special moves such as projectiles or just different strikes and super combos, devastating combos or attack that are charged during the fight. Using a team based system the player picks three character and the order they fight in against the AI’s teams.

Bedsides KOF98’s normal single player mode Bluetooth multiplayer is included. This will be a great feature for hardcore fans, but two controllers will be required as beating someone using a controller with on-screen controls isn’t going to happen.

King Of Fighters 98 caters to hardcore fighting fans. As an arcade perfect port, the difficulty is intact and the computer will show no mercy for players without a controller. A good quality controller like a Moga Power Pro is all but required to play properly. Thankfully, there is a training mode with a command key for each character and controllable opponents to hone skills. It’s not as good as the practice mode found in Dead or Alive however, which shows each move onscreen in turn and confirms when the player does it correctly. Intimidating to new players, those who don’t know what QCF is and what Desperation Combos are will feel a bit overwhelmed.

Because this is an SNK game, the last boss in particular is very punishing and a cheap opponent. New players will have to resist throwing their phone across the room when fighting him.

Screenshot_2014-08-10-17-50-10King Of Fighters 98 is perfect in its presentation. All the graphics are original, so Mai Shiranui is just as enticingly jiggly as she always was and the game is silky smooth with very sharp sprites and clear sound with no nasty artifacts or glitches. KOF98’s porting job is very well done.

Additional new features including the Bluetooth multiplayer, a new easy to use SP button for instantly triggering super combos and additional control schemes. The game is short on the longevity side however and a more in depth single player mode or rewards to strive for would have been multiplayer could have been added as well.

King Of Fighters 98 is a superb port of a beloved game and even passing fans of the King Of Fighters series would have to be insane not to pick it up. Just factor in the cost of a quality Bluetooth controller to the game’s price.

Metal Slug 3 Review

Metal Slug 3 Review

Jan 23, 2013

Back on the day, a lot of cool consoles were out there. Many of them had some really awesome games on them too. The problem was, only a few of the consoles could stand the test of time. Metal Slug 3 is one of those games based on a version from an era long since past.

Metal Slug 3 fives the feeling of playing an arcade game. The instructions, the insert coin to continue, all of that is great! When playing, there is a lot of the action coming at the main action hero from all angles. Shooting at an angle takes a little getting used to, but it’s doable. Taking on all kinds of different enemies will take a lot of button smashing.

.From different sea creatures to flying what ever the heck they are will be attacking one moment then bombs on parachutes and little army men will be coming in the next wave. On top of fighting and advancing, keep an eye out for different hostages. They are typically tied up. One shot will free them from their bindings. They will usually have a gift like food or weapons upgrades. I laughed when my character ate a little too much and got fat. He was poking at people with a fork.

Metal Slug 3 has 2 different game modes, Arcade and Mission. While playing there are also submarines to hop into. These will submerge and open up a whole different set of rewards and enemies. Watch out for jelly fish and the boxes with the hostages in them. Free them and get a reward just like on dry land. When the submarine gets too damaged, the hero is expelled and starts to swim.

Anyone who likes the retro games from the 90’s era of gaming is sure to have a blast with Metal Slug 3.