Neptor Bluetooth Speaker Hardware Review

Neptor Bluetooth Speaker Hardware Review

Jul 8, 2014

Mugsy Bogues. Mia Hamm. Messi. Well, the Neptor Portable Bluetooth Speaker looks to further prove that massive performance can and does emanate from relatively small packages.

The review unit we were provided with was relatively humble, containing the speaker and a matching, flat micro-USB cable. Size-wise, it could be described as diminutive; the cylindrical shape fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. Its dimensions are 3.5×2.5×2.5 inches, and it weighs about 8 ounces. The bright red coloring is only interrupted by the logo-ed band that runs across the frame, and the platform piece that makes up the bottom. At the top, perforated audio holes are incorporated, and at the bottom, a clear holder props the unit up. There is a micro-USB port that is hidden with a flap. In addition to red, the manufacturer also puts it out in blue, green, orange and purple.

What sets this seeming tyke apart are the physical controls, which mostly boil down to twisting and tapping. For example, turning it on involves tapping and pressing down on the top of the piece for three seconds. Conversely, pairing the unit to a bluetooth audio source follows the same pattern with most pairings of this type; with the one device seeing the other, one taps/presses down on the top of the speaker to initiate the pairing sequence, as signified by the flashing blue light. After pairing is complete, the light turns blue, and one is ready to go.


Increasing the volume from the unit is a matter of twisting the upper half of the item along the aforementioned chrome band; twisting it in the opposite direction reduces the volume. Additionally, after connecting, tapping on the top can be used to toggle play or pausing of music. Long-pressing on it for three seconds turns off the unit.

The sound won’t shatter window panes, but to be fair, this isn’t what it seems to be designed to do; as a simple, easy-to-carry companion accessory, it works well, providing relatively clear audio. The added speakerphone functionality (calls can be answered with taps) is definitely welcome.

The sound will probably not be lauded by serious audiophiles, and the lack of wired option may give some folks pause. The battery did give out a bit before the advertised 4-hour limit, but all in all, it works well, and the exceptional portability adds to its value.

The Neptor Twist & Tap Bluetooth Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available for $29.99 via