Oprah Tosses Hat into the Play Store Ring with ‘Bold Moves’

Oprah Tosses Hat into the Play Store Ring with ‘Bold Moves’

Dec 5, 2016

Oprah Winfrey is a household name, and her OWN entity has just about as much reach. Now, Oprah is getting in on mobile games with a new title called Bold Moves.

Bold Moves is a word game in match-3 clothing; players look to create matches, clear obstacles, collect letters and — interestingly enough — solve phrases.

It also packs in power ups and such.

What better intro than from Oprah herself?

“Soooo many people have told me how much they love a good game,” she says. “And, if you didn’t already know, I LOVE a great quote! So we mixed the two together! OWN presents Bold Moves, a brand new game that challenges you to solve captivating puzzles and unlock hundreds of quotes that you can share with your friends. It’s already one of my Favorite Things… I hope it becomes one of yours, too!”

Tough to pass up, yes?

The game is rated for everyone, and is live now for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the trailer below:

Zombie Derby 2 Brings Waves of the Undead to Android

Zombie Derby 2 Brings Waves of the Undead to Android

Sep 22, 2016

Get ’em!

Time comes and goes, kingdoms rise and wane, and one thing remains the same: we can never get enough of zombies. As such, it feels like good news that Android developer HeroCraft has just launched Zombie Derby 2 on Google Play.

If the game looks familiar, it’s probably because it is based off of a popular arcade game. The game sports upgradable vehicles, guns, multiple modes and gritty 3D graphics that underscore the post-apocalyptic time frame. The vehicles have a Mad Max-ish feel to them, and there is plenty of gory splashing to go around, as well as hilly jumps to traverse.

Oh yeah, and all the zombies a gamer could ever want.

The game is free to download now, and there are in-app purchase opportunities for those truly looking to get immersed.

Happy hunting! Enjoy the launch trailer below:

New Game ‘Premium Pool’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Premium Pool’ Launches on Google Play

Jun 14, 2016

There’s a new pool sim on Google Play, and it goes by the name of Premium Pool. This one packs in a host of features, including local and online multiplayer.

Per Google Play:

Premium Pool is a smooth and enjoyable way to play billiards on your Android device. Practice in single player against AI and then put your skills into use in a wide range of different custom locations online. You can also challenge your friends in local pass ‘n’ play style matches. In Premium Pool everything can be customized. Gather credits from your wins and change the cue, table, cloth and balls to your liking from a vast collection of beautifully designed equipment. Who wouldn’t want to play with a royally designed table on the beach? Or use one of the uniquely designed cues in a casino? Finally personalize your character by selecting one of the awesome theme characters in the game.

* Online multiplayer
* Local multiplayer – Pass ‘n’ play
* Single player
* 8 Ball
* Super smooth touch screen controls
* Specially themed game rooms
* Customize every equipment
* Awesome set of avatars
* Chat with your competitor
* Player rank
* Option to fast forward; no need to wait all balls to settle down to continue playing

The game is free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer below:

Gaijin Entertainment brings new survival game ‘The Abandoned’ to Google Play

Gaijin Entertainment brings new survival game ‘The Abandoned’ to Google Play

Mar 31, 2016

The Abandoned is a new survival game from Gaijin Entertainment that is available now on Google Play.

In The Abandoned, players’ survival skills are put to the test as they try to evade hordes of zombies and wild animals as well as keep hunger and sanity levels under control while trapped in the Zone. Featuring one of the biggest maps existing in the genre, alternating day and night cycles and numerous possibilities to upgrade the character,The Abandoned offers strategic freedom to decide how you survive.

With three game modes available (endless Survival mode, Adventure mode and Story mode), The Abandoned will appeal to fans of the genre and a wider audience.

The game costs $1.99 (with additional in-app purchases).

We have the trailer below:

Carnage TV launches on Google Play

Carnage TV launches on Google Play

Mar 10, 2016

Brutal Studio has a new game on Google Play called Carnage TV.

Smash your enemies to pieces, shoot them to bits, do what you can but try to survive! That is the name of the game … welcome to Carnage TV! Ready for the most violent game show? Will you survive total zombie carnage? Tons of monsters and enemies to obliterate into blood & guts.
Highly influenced by the classic retro game Smash TV, master wave after wave of attacks. Try to get as far as you can buy unlocking more powerful guns and using kick-ass perks. A fast-paced action game that will test your reaction skills and keep you on edge!

Get ready for an action shooter like you’ve never seen before!


Your gunning skills will be put to test as you shoot out tons of monsters and enemies.
Unlock loads of cool guns and try them out during your game play.
Try to be the best and then share your score 7 achievements with friends.
Enough blood and guts to satisfy the most deranged of us.
Buy special perks and items that will help you cause even more mayhem.

The game is free (with in-app purchases).


New Game ‘Bounce Zombie!’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Bounce Zombie!’ Launches on Google Play

Feb 10, 2016

Bounce zombie!, a new game from Triniti Stars Ltd, has just landed on Google Play.

Per the app page:

Years ago in a small village in China, there was a young boy who loved dumplings more than anything in the world. He stuffed himself full of the tasty food every day, never tiring of his favorite meal. One day the village ran out of dumplings, and the boy refused to eat anything else, starving to death. The poor boy became a zombie, but he’s still no regular undead kid: he won’t bite unless you have a doughy arm.

In Bounce Zombie, help this little zombie find the food he craves even beyond the grave: dumplings. Forget slow shuffling, moaning, and groaning undead because this revived boy is empowered by his love for tasty cooked and stuffed dough. Help him navigate each level, leaping from block to block and capturing coins on his way to his favorite meal. From crumbling blocks to spikes and other dangers, you’ll meet big challenges as he journeys around the world. Don’t worry; you’ll get some help on the way, too! Trampolines will fly you high to hit those hard to reach places, and cannons will help you sail over the map to cross big gaps. There’s no dumpling he can’t reach with your help.

The game is free on Google Play, and offers in-app purchase opportunities.

[via Triniti Stars Site]

Clumzee Launches on Google Play

Clumzee Launches on Google Play

Feb 5, 2016

Clumzee — Endless Climb is now out courtesy of Triple Hill Interactive.

Excerpt from Google Play:

Help Clumzee find the right path!

Navigate a cute but clumsy creature through many dangerous worlds. Move Clumzee up by controlling his sticky legs, and be sure not to fall down. He must move quickly and avoid mysterious water creatures and their spiteful minions who will try to stop him. Get as far as possible and reach the highest score. Collect golden coins to enter new worlds and eat as many fireflies as possible. Your new friends such as Tiger, Pirate, Viking, Samurai and many others will come to your side. Together you will conquer canyon winds, deep forests and even outer space!

This certainly sounds like one worth a look; it’s free on Google Play.

Armadillo Gold Rush Arrives on Android

Armadillo Gold Rush Arrives on Android

Feb 1, 2016

Popular mobile gaming adventure Armadillo Gold Rush is now available on Google Play.

Best-selling arcade puzzler now on the Google Play Store! Life’s tough when you’re an armadillo who can roll but can’t stop—especially when you’re trying to strike it rich in the Wild West! Position the armadillo so you can scoop up the gold while avoiding snakes, scorpions, spikes, and other dangers.
Armadillo Gold Rush has 75+ levels of obstacles, enemies, and traps standing between your armadillo and precious gold. Puzzle out a path that rolls your armadillo over the coins without losing its life. To grab all the gold you’ll need to get clever with bombs, blocks, tunnels, one-way doors, rockets, switches, and most of all your brain!

A mobile best seller for 10+ years, Armadillo Gold Rush has been recreated for Android devices with updated graphics and easy-to-learn touch controls.

• 75+ unique levels test your reflexes and challenge your puzzle solving skills
• Roll through forest mazes, rocky deserts, underground caves, dark canyons, and more with progressively harder puzzles
• Built-in star system offers many hours of replay
• Clever solutions will increase your combo meter and yield huge scores
• Challenge yourself to solve levels in fewer moves and the fastest possible time
• Unlock new levels as you beat different parts of the game

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Agent Mega Brings Digger-Style Game ‘Crash Dungeon’ to Google Play

Agent Mega Brings Digger-Style Game ‘Crash Dungeon’ to Google Play

Jan 8, 2016

Crash Dungeon is a new game that just landed on Google Play.

It comes to us from developer Agent Mega, and should appeal to fans of digger gameplay.

Adventure calls! Tap blocks to delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Find treasure chests, powerful monsters and trigger explosive chain reactions!
Reach deeper dungeon levels to unlock weapons and shields of higher level.

Grab all the ore you can to buy better equipment. Will you choose a mighty sword to fight monsters or a powerful mace to crush rocks faster? Don’t forget your shield if you want to stay alive!
A new take on the classic Digger, combining fun and strategic choices.

Collect ingredients on slayed monsters and upgrade your weapons and shields with mighty powers!

Crash Dungeon is available to be played for free, and can be enhanced via in-app purchases.


‘Bubble Shooter Treasure Pop’ Launches on Google Play

‘Bubble Shooter Treasure Pop’ Launches on Google Play

Jan 8, 2016

There’s a new game in town, and it definitely isn’t nervous about proclaiming what its all about: welcome to Bubble Shooter Treasure Pop.

The game comes to us from AWEGA, and, per the Google Play page, looks to have snazzy looks and slick animations.

Per the Play page:

reasure Pop Bubble Shooter is a challenging puzzle bobble popping game with strategic and intuitive gameplay.
– Action-packed puzzle gameplay with unlimited FREE Play and 400 levels.
– Easy pick up and play for fans of classic bubble shoot and puzzle games.
– Match and pop stones to get gems from Angry Dwarf
– Challenge friends and see their progress by connecting to Facebook
– Amazing graphics that will leave you spellbound
– Special Boosters & God Powers to help you pass those tricky levels
– Available to play on mobile and tablet devices

Free & easy to play, challenging to master! Treasure Pop is a 100% free casual game and requires no in-app purchases nor do we require you to connect to social networks in order to progress throughout the game. We do however allow our players to connect to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to share scores.

The game is free, and offers in app purchases via real cash.


Country Friends Arrives on Google Play

Country Friends Arrives on Google Play

Dec 13, 2015

Country Friends has finally dropped on Google Play, courtesy of Gameloft.

Get ready for a fresh farming adventure in the wacky world of Country Friends – a friendly farm simulation where your animals dance and friends from all over the world come together to help each other in the super-social Community Farm!
Pack your bags, because the country’s the perfect place to cast off your Big City Blues and relax with the funniest, friendliest goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows you’ll ever meet!

• Plant, grow, harvest, and trade organic corn and more with your friends – the farm of your dreams is about to get made… BY YOU!
• Fall in love with the hilarious, lively 3D animals. Your chicken will chill, your sheep will sing and your pig will party.
• Customize your land to create the perfect farm paradise for you and your animals to enjoy!
• Grow the freshest products and fight back against the industrial corporation, SMOG Inc.! Show them that organic produce is the only way to grow!

• For the FIRST TIME EVER in a farming simulation, grow delicious fruits at the Community Farm from the awesome apple to the outrageous orange, craft exclusive products together with your friends, send them around the world with Bradley the Whale and share the rewards!
• Work with friends in a super social Community Farm where you form a clan to harvest and water each other’s delicious, organic crops. Help your friends and grow together!
• Create your own social farming clan with your friends!
• Compete with other social Communities in the weekly events and help your farm become the cream of the crop!

• Mischievous moles help you harvest faster!
• Playful pigs help you at the market!
• Beautiful birds fly your orders all over the world!
• Munch, your gregarious goat, is always there to offer you fun, helpful advice (when he’s not chowing down on one of your delicious apples…)!
• Each animal, from the chickens to the sheep, plays a specific role within your farm to make it the greatest and freshest it can be!

Now go grow some fun!

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

New Game ‘Core Archery’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Core Archery’ Launches on Google Play

Nov 30, 2015

Core Archery is now bow and arrow sim that recently dropped on Google Play; it comes from the developer of Clay Hunt.

Core Archery introduces an intuitive single touch gesture to simulate the drawing, aiming and anchoring of the drawing arm. It appears as easy and simple at first, but the depth is revealed as you progress to longer distances.

For consistent good scores you need to practice your drawing, aiming and release technique. Precision and focus is the key to success in this game. Failed technique will lead to unaligned posture and you’ll be surprised where the arrow flies after the release!

Key features:
-Unique single touch controls
-Realistic archery experience
-9 levels with lots of challenge
-Smooth 3D graphics
-Ad Sponsored: completely free to play

The gme is free with in-app purchases.