Projectplace Unveils New Productivity and Collaboration Application for Android

Projectplace Unveils New Productivity and Collaboration Application for Android

Jun 9, 2015

Productivity utility Projectplace has just launched a port on Android.

The new app looks to provide a way for organizations and teams to work and collaborate on projects; the cross-platform tool allows users to use “kanban” style to visualize concepts, and integrates with cloud storage options.

Per the Google Play page:

Work is complex. That’s why tools should make things easier. Create a workspace with Projectplace and manage your tasks together with your team. Decide what you need to do, get to work and keep track of progress. Workflow beautifully visualized in kanban style. Every team member knows exactly what to do.

The Projectplace app for Android addresses the daily work & project collaboration needs of everyone in one tool – project manager, team, and each team member. The integration between all your devices is seamless, whether you use Android, IOS or a desktop computer.

Sign up for free.

All-in-one work management
• Create tasks in kanban style
• Invite your friends and colleagues
• Share and assign work
• Instant overview of progress
• Share files from Box, Dropbox and Google Drive
• Take pictures, share instantly in the app
• All team communication in one place
From small teams to startups to Fortune 500’s: Projectplace, a part of Planview, provides project collaboration solutions that bring teams together to improve collaboration and get things done.

The app is free to use for five basic users; different pricing tiers are available.

[Source: Google Play]

New Game Choo Parr Now Available on Google Play

New Game Choo Parr Now Available on Google Play

Apr 21, 2015

Choo Parr is a fun-looking game that has arcade aspiration and engaging graphics… and it is out now on Google Play.

Unleash the chaos!

Challenge your reflexes and mobile game prowess. Choo Parr is a Free 2D casual arcade style game that is easy to pick up and play. It begins slowly but soon the pace accelerates to a frenzy.

Collect falling goats, chickens, orcs and other strange creatures! Dodge bombs, get combos and build up points! Beat your high score! The longer you stay alive, the more challenging and addictive it gets!

– Simple touch and tilt controls
– Delightful 2D art
– Five backgrounds
– Unlock 26 additional creatures
– Google Play Games achievements and high-score leaderboards

Choo Parr is free-to-play on Google Play.

NY Times Relaunches Android App, Gets Refreshed Look and More

NY Times Relaunches Android App, Gets Refreshed Look and More

Feb 25, 2015

The New York Times has just relaunched its App for Android. The new refreshed app is based on the feedback of its beta program, the app brings some interesting features to the app.

-A new way to navigate with shortcuts for quick swiping across popular sections at the top of the screen.

-A streamlined layout for tablets making better use of screen real estate.

-Article pages featuring richer media, custom type and elements of Android’s Material Design.

-Morning Briefing: A redesigned daily notification that tells you what happened overnight and gives you a headstart on the day ahead.

-Breaking news alerts that link to developing stories, taking users directly to the news they need with a single tap.

-A new widget combining the day’s best photographs with the most important stories for a top-level view of the news.

The NYT app continues to roll out gradually to users; Android users are welcome to join the Google+ hosted Beta Program.

[Source: NYT Press Release]

TYLT Announces Two New Accessories

TYLT Announces Two New Accessories

Oct 28, 2014

TYLT is back. With more.

The smartdevice accessory maker that looks to continually merge high style with real world functionality, has just announced two new accessories.

First, we get to see the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount.

Simply place your smartphone on the VU Wireless Charging Car Mount to initiate charging – no need to plug in your phone. The three overlaid charging coils ensure your phone will connect and charge regardless of its size or orientation, and its spring loaded arms securely grip phones with up to 5.7″ displays. Mount the device to your dashboard or windshield with the extra strong Micro-Gel suction cup, and position your phone in horizontal or landscape view with the 180-degree rotating mount.

This unit works with Qi-enabled devices, can be used with the biggest smartphones on the market, and has an adjustable base.

It will be priced at $79.99

Also making its debut is the VU SOLO.

The perfect traveling companion or desktop accessory, the VU SOLO makes wireless charging easier than ever with its patent-pending alignment ledge, a physical marker that shows you exactly where to place your device in order to align it with the single Qi coil and initiate charging. Any micro-USB cable will power this charging pad, which provides a 1 Amp charge and 5 watts of power to your device once connected. The SOLO features an anti-slip silicone surface, 5 foot charging cable, built-in ventilation, and a micro-gel suction base.

The SOLO will carry a $39.99 price tag.

Both pieces will be available by the end of the year.

[Source: TYLT Press Release]

Doggins Arrives on Android

Doggins Arrives on Android

Oct 8, 2014

Award-winning developer Brain&Brain has just released their mobile hit Doggins and Android.

The game chronicles the dreamy adventures of the titular, bow-tie wearing dog that has a mean squirrel as the main foil. Through the point-and-click mechanism, a player can make his/her way through the gameplay, all the while enjoying the fun graphics and more.

Per the official press sheet:


– Fresh, graphic art style with handcrafted animation.
– Classic item-based puzzles combined with touch interaction.
– Fully immersive, with visual storytelling and a minimal UI.
– No in-app purchases or ads!

Doggins is available on the Play Store for $3.99.

Disney’s Star Wars: Commander Lands On Android

Disney’s Star Wars: Commander Lands On Android

Sep 18, 2014

Today, Disney has officially released Star Wars: Commander on Android OS.

Based on the iconic franchise its name is derived from, this strategy thriller transports players to a time of Galactic Civil War. Players get to choose sides, build assets and challenge other players.

Excerpts from the official press release:

Disney’s #1 free to play mobile game, Star Wars: Commander, officially launched today on Android and Windows enabled devices. Star Wars™: Commander is a free-to-play combat strategy game that has fans joining either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire to recruit and lead an unstoppable force across the Star Wars™ galaxy in epic battles to claim ultimate victory for their side.
In addition to launching on Android and Windows, Disney plans to continue to update the game with new stories and characters that allow players to interact with the Star Wars universe in a fun and interactive way.

Star Wars: Commander is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

GREE Launches Android-Exclusive Gang Warfare RPG, Criminal Legacy

GREE Launches Android-Exclusive Gang Warfare RPG, Criminal Legacy

May 22, 2014

GREE today has announced an Android-exclusive game developed with IUGO: Criminal Legacy. This free-to-play game has players forming a criminal cartel to rule the streets, fighting other gangs and cops alike. Forming a party of six gangsters, players can power up their crew and pit them in battles against enemies in a world with over 80 stages, and a vareity of missions, quests, and live events that get added over time. The game is available now on Google Play.

13 Coins Motion Comic App with Art by Eisner Award Winner Simon Bisley Now on Android

13 Coins Motion Comic App with Art by Eisner Award Winner Simon Bisley Now on Android

Apr 29, 2014

13 Coins, an original motion comic designed for mobile devices, is now available for Android. The comic features art by Simon Bisley, an Eisner Award winner for his work on Judgment on Gotham, and writers Martin Brennan and Michael B. Jackson. The app makes use of its interactive nature for things like 3D effects, as seen in this Vine video. The app is available now on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

SideSwype Review

SideSwype Review

Apr 10, 2014

Nice to meet you, SideSwype.

The playing area is a 5×5 grid, with space for 25 squares of different colors. if filled all the way. The sparse white background is a great counterpoint that highlights the coloring of the squares, and the smooth animations are just what we’d expect from a game that uses gestures as the main form of movement and problem-solving.

The game is fairly easy to understand: match 3 or more squares and strive to keep the board as empty as possible. In other words, the run ends when the grid is full of squares. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to slide the boxes present in either of the four cardinal directions (or, relative to the grid, to the right or left and up or down). The unique thing is that the squares all move in unison but obey physical logic. Squares that are plush against immovable squares or the walls of the grid will not move, but others will move until one of those side1conditions are met.

Any sets of three or more that are formed as a result of a gesture action will cause a mostly welcome reaction of dissolving the squares (according to rules of the gameplay), thereby opening up space and keeping the run alive. Countering the smashing of blocks is the replenishment system; like Tetris, there is an indicator telling the player which blocks are coming next, and after every swipe, the new ones are added; thus, constant removal is necessary for success. Points are awarded for smashes, and high scores are recorded.

There are special blocks with special powers that require just a bit more strategy. The game also allows for some customization with regards to sound and looks.

All in, it’s a fun, consuming game, priced to move ($1.99) and no extra purchases needed.


Pathogen Launches Today on Android with Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Pathogen Launches Today on Android with Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Feb 19, 2014

Pathogen, a strategy game which takes inspiration from board games, has just launched on Google Play after its earlier iOS launch, with new features. Players place cells on a board, with the ability to upgrade cells to be stronger and to overtake enemy cells; the player who controls a majority of the board wins. Developer Birnam Wood Games has added in online multiplayer with ranked play, featuring cross-platform multiplayer, along with the custom map editor for near-endless replayability. The Android version is available now.

KickStarter Spotlight: New Orbit

KickStarter Spotlight: New Orbit

Jan 15, 2014

When looking for a good project to spotlight this week I had trouble finding a deserving Android-compatible game. There suddenly seems to be a random dearth of games up for funding, but as always a deserving candidate rose to the top. This week’s spotlight is cast on a great little game called New Orbit; which is actually the second part to a previous game that garnered some impressive attention considering it was built by a one-man team. This time around, however, there are three developers working on cinematics, gameplay, and sound which naturally expands the scope and quality of the game.

The basic storyline behind New Orbit is that the player is an engineer in an escape pod floating around the ruins of a mothership that was blown up on a mysterious mission. Because the player is simply a lowly engineer they are not privy to the details of the mission, and that is what much of the storyline revolves around. Taking a page from the wildly successful Kerbal Space Program game; the escape pod can be upgraded with numerous parts and sensors that, along with even fuel amount, realistically alter the performance of the craft. New Orbit even includes real-time cockpit control panels when sensors are added to the spacecraft. In order to add some new high-tech sensor from a wreckage the player might have to upgrade to a better generator in order supply enough power. This example shows how much attention was paid to even the smallest details of New Orbit.

This great gameplay is built around what is promised to be an extraordinary story that is sure to keep players committed to ensuring their virtual counterpart’s survival and wellbeing. At the time of writing, with 8 days to go, New Orbit still needs $24,000 to become fully funded, and from what I have seen this game more than deserves to be seen to completion. Those who enjoy simulation games like Kerbal or adventure games are sure to find themselves investing a lot of time into New Orbit. So, like always, do what is possible and at the very least pay their KickStarter page a visit and consider helping a deserving project.

The New Spotify for Android is Now Available on Google Play

The New Spotify for Android is Now Available on Google Play

Jun 15, 2012

Spotify recently was testing out an Android version of their streaming music service, as our own Joseph Bertolini wrote about earlier. Well, good news for those who don’t like to participate in betas, or prefer their software to come from official sources, as a finalized version of the Spotify app is now available on Google Play. This means that all the advantages of the app are now available to much of the Android world at large. This includes a revamped interface and additional features including Ice Cream Sandwich support, gapless playback, 320kbps sound quality, related artist search, and more social features. As Gustav Södertröm, VP of Products at Spotify, “The feedback we got from the preview we released a few weeks back was really positive. We wanted to give our users something special – we really hope you like it.” The update is currently available on Google Play, though not on Amazon Appstore at the moment for Kindle Fire users.