Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game Review

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game Review

Jan 8, 2018

It’s practically expected now. Make a major motion picture in this day and age, and we, the consumers want — no, we demand — a companion mobile game. As we’ve said a bunch already, it makes sense; the franchise gets more buzz, which helps the game, which helps the franchise… a beautiful circle.

If the game is good, that is…k7

With the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle out for our viewing pleasure, we are quite okay with checking out NHN PixelCube Corp’s companion game, well, Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game.

It’s a pretty good looking game, featuring recognizable characters bathed in non-glossy colors and housed in stark environments, with matching sounds buttressed by voice boxes and hint flashes. The animations are nice too, incorporating slick action moves and underscored by slow motion effects.

The game takes you on a journey, and play is simple. To begin, you finish up training, and the gameplay gets explained: you fight by match-3 action. Yes, your actions are determined by your dexterity with your fingers, and your ability to combine the right color of ammunition at the right time.

Good action leads to success, which leads to game coin, which allows you to improve attributes and accumulate stuff (ah, the clothes); real cash can be used, and there is an energy requirement… bummer.

What the game does well, in the first, is to ably meld a few genres into one cohesive experience. Most prominently, taking a match-3 and allowing it to be the conduit for a card-based action game works here. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it done, but darn it, when done well it still makes for a great caper.

But let’s not forget the source material. Juvenile or not, the Kingsman movies provide great action material, and getting to work with familiar characters is almost always a good thing. Fans of the franchise should love that aspect.

Crusader Quest Review

Crusader Quest Review

Jan 21, 2015

Crusaders Quest is an interesting RPG about inept goddesses and corrupted forests. With a neat visual style and bite sized gameplay is it worth your time?

Screenshot_2015-01-20-03-10-17Crusaders Quest features an interesting battle system that is quite unique. As the player’s party runs through the stage, they engage enemies automatically. At the bottom of the screen icons representing skills appear in a row at random. These skills range from extra hard hits, storms of arrows, defensive skills and healing abilities. Tapping a skill icon uses it, but waiting until three icons are together and taping uses them all for a much stronger effect. Skills have different ranges and hit patterns, so timing skill use, such as getting as many enemies in range of your archer’s AoE fire storm before using it is important.
Finishing levels awards experience which levels up characters, making them stronger. Once they level up far enough they can be promoted, which transforms them into the next evolution of that class and they become much tougher. New weapons can also be forged for party members and members can also be switched out to find the best combination of badassery.

Screenshot_2015-01-20-12-10-48Crusaders Quest is a lot of fun to play. Watching the party smack their way past hordes of goblins and triggering skills is fun and the great presentation helps the game along. There is plenty of amusing dialogue as well, although the story itself is a bit weak. There are a truckload of stages to do and each stage is only a minute or two long. This bite sized gameplay is perfect for mobile and makes the game difficult to put down. There is always something about to happen, like acquiring a new weapon or promotion.

Of course, the game does have some freemium elements. Both gems and packs of coins can be bought. Coins are used for a lot of things in game, like forging weapons and buying new ones. Jewels are mostly used to skip what few timers the game has. The main limiting resource is Honour. Honour is only gained by playing PvP or completing quests. It is needed to promote warriors and is slow to accrue. There is also an energy system. Despite this, there is plenty of gameplay in Crusader Quest and the game doesn’t hassle you to buy stuff like many other freemium games do.

Crusaders Quest looks nice. A pseudo 8bit style with SD characters gives the game a unique anime-like look. Combat looks quite nice to, with swords swinging and spells flying around. Enemies aren’t too interesting however. The game does feel like a retro RPG however, what with its generic goblins and slime monsters. The sound is well done as well. The soundtrack really suits the game well and the constant din of battle is addictive.

Crusaders Quest is a fun RPG-lite and its enjoyable battles and slick gameplay make it worth playing.

Battle for the Horn Launches on Android

Battle for the Horn Launches on Android

Dec 3, 2014

NHN Entertainment has just published a new game on Android. Titled Battle for the Horn, it is a strategy game with an emphasis on legion-building.

From the press release:

NHN Entertainment USA and its mobile publishing arm, TOAST today announced that Battle for the Throne, a fast-growing, social legion-building TCG, is now available for both Android and iOS devices across North America.

A kingdom under siege by the Devan Empire is nearing the brink of annihilation. Players must take control of the scattered armies and take their place as Lord in Battle for the Throne, the grand fantasy strategy war game from TOAST.

Ranked as the #1 free downloaded game on the T-Store in Korea, and featuring strategic kingdom-building gameplay and TCG-esque combat, Battle for the Throne combines the most engaging elements of social war gaming, card battling games, and strategic city creation into one stunningly-animated package. Players can collect and upgrade hundreds of heroes to compete against thousands of players in real-time.

In preparation of the upcoming global iOS launch, players can pre-register for the iOS version of Battle for the Throne in order to receive seven Premium Ticke ts as well asone Epic and one Legend Tier hero card both for use on launch day. Any players that are currently playing the Android version can also take part in the event with the Free Runes Coupon Code: SHOWMETHEMONEY

Players can pre-register at Full information is available at the Battle for the Throne Facebook Page.

Key Features:
Conquer and colonize the worldwide map to gain resources and strengthen your empire
Build and collect over 50 heroes and manage your kingdom’s resources to lead forces into battle
Play with friends to form huge legions with real players and challenge powerful Raid Bosses as a team
Engage in PVP battles and siege enemy players’ strongholds to plunder their coveted resources
Upgrade and strengthen heroes by finding rare weapons and build a capital city into an impregnable fortress
HD Graphics featuring gorgeous artwork and backgrounds showcased in intense and epic battles
Strategize and chat with other legion members in real-time using the in-game chat feature
Earn medals by completing Raids and PVP battles to showcase your strength
Capture Enemy Heroes
and convince them to join your side in an exciting tug of war between heroes, legions, and empires!

The game is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.


Zombie Virus Arrives on Google Play

Zombie Virus Arrives on Google Play

Nov 11, 2014

NHN Entertainment has released a new combat strategy game called Zombie Virus on Google Play.

The game tells the story of a mad scientist looking to purify the worldby turning humans into zombies. Oer the press release:

Mobile game publisher NHN Entertainment announced the release of its latest title, Zombie Virus, available now in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Zombie Virus is a combat strategy game where gamers play as an insane scientist, trying to purify the world by infecting, exterminating, and zombifying the entire human race.

Focusing on zombie hordes with intense strategy and combat-oriented gameplay, Zombie Virus stepped away from its scary first impressions and switched to a casual and funny mood by adopting cute blockhead zombie characters. More than 120 different characters in Zombie Virus are dressed and equipped according to the jobs they had before getting infected – for example, the nurse zombie transmits the virus with a syringe while the programmer zombie uses the keyboard to smash in human heads, and the construction worker zombie uses a giant wrench to attack scattering humans. By generating new viruses, altering zombie DNA, and combining the scientist’s deadliest inventions, gamers can more effectively attack/infect/ revive/dash around the map.

To illustrate the vivid picture of swarming, rotting zombies, Zombie Virus spreads in 62 metropolises in Asian continent can be targeted to spread the virus with 36 European cities recently updated. The detailed background music and landmarks of each city and country are blended with the local languages to give the players the feeling of a real mad scientist taking over the world with an army of zombies.

Zombie Virus is available to download now on Android and iOS devices:

Key Facts:

Game Title: Zombie Virus

Genre: Strategy

Language: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional),

Spanish, French

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Developer/Publisher: NHN Entertainment


With the new zombie virus spreading from North Korea to all corners of the world, the dead are rising from their graves with a taste for human flesh. No city will survive the zombie tsunami as it devours brains, infects the children, and farms the fallen corpses into more walking dead to join the groaning army of rotting bodies.

Play as the deranged scientist with a mission for violence as you upgrade your virus, trigger chemical explosions, and infect every person on the planet! The police, army, and super agents will send squads of zombie killers to stem your world domination plans, but with your own completely customizable undead crew, nothing can stop your dead march across the highway to hell!

Main Features:

Addicting, destructive zombie gameplay!

Pure undead chaos with explosions and gore!

Race across the world as the infection spreads!

Earn more money for each kill, overkill, and mega-kill!

Build your virus and upgrade your zombies to guarantee a total undead nightmare!

Plan and equip your zombie squad before each city takeover.

Fight epic boss battles on warships as you travel to your next future zombie capital!

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing Now Available on Android

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing Now Available on Android

Sep 26, 2014

NHN Entertainment has just released a new game for Android devices Top Tank: Last Tank Standing.

The game is a real-time FPS that allows for head-to-head combat, and also features a built-in upgrade mechanism. per the official PR release:

NHN Entertainment, a leading mobile game publisher and developer, announced that its newest game, Top Tank: Last Tank Standing, is now available on Google Play. Top Tank is a military-based FPS game that features a matchmaking system that pits players against each other in real-time, head-to-head shootouts worldwide. Players who master the easy-to-play, intuitive, tilt-control system with their mobile device can declare victory in battle and be crowned the Tank Commander.

Top Tank: Last Tank Standing was selected as ‘Google Play New & Updated Games of the Week’ shortly after its Global Launch. Top Tank is designed to engage mobile gamers of all types with its fun and immersive gameplay experience as they pimp their tanks and use them to battle against the strongest tankers around the globe.

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store.